This compelling clip alleges that the Moon is “crawling with aliens” and that NASA was warned by “them” never to return…

I don’t know how true that is. NASA’s main upcoming mission will be to sending a re-usable module that can land on the Moon’s surface with 4 astronauts for a few days and then return home. This program will replace the Space Shuttle, which is being retired in 2011.

This is not to say that there aren’t dozens of well-documented accounts by several prominent astronomers over the past three centuries that report strange lights on and around the Moon…


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October 28, 2011

Although i dont jump into the bandwagon and believe everything on this video like “the moon is crawling with aliens” i dont deny the possibilty. The fact is the people that made this do not know that. They do not know whether they are beings from the future or from a different dimension or simply a secret goverment. I myself am unsure of who has dominion over the moon but its not some dead empty rock like most people believe. For all we know it could be a giant observation station and earth is its petri dish.

I am a rational thinker. Considering how interested i am i dont believe we are being visited by aliens but i believe in the possibilty and know whole heartedly that mankind is bein lied to. The goverment are either hiding something from us and not doing the greatest of jobs or want us to believe what we believe because with all the nasa ufo evidence, im sure they could stop us from seeing it if they really wanted to. Very confusing

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