July 3, 2013

Firebrand Irish MP, Clare Daly is back!

This time, it’s about the Snowden Affair, whose leaks of NSA activities have disconcerted would-be friends of the US across the globe, with revelations that the NSA has been targeting for surveillance not just all US Citizens and suspected terrorists, both at home and abroad, but institutions such as the European Trade Commission, whose members include some of the largest trading partners of the US. She notes, that this action likely has less to do with the War on Terror than with imminent trade talks between the EU and the US.

(That’s right, Americans, your Tax Dollars are not only paying to spy on yourself but on your friends and their businesses in Europe…)

Daly says, “As the European Court of Human Rights rightly warned: “A system of secret surveillance for the protection of national security may undermine or even destroy democracy, under the cloak of defending it.”

She notes that if these surveillance activities were being conducted by Iran or by North Korea, that there would be a clamor for something to be done but instead very little is being done to address this situation.

She berates the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny for his silence on the matter, given that at the time Ireland joined he European Court of Human Rights, he had vowed that this would give Ireland a great opportunity to promote human rights and to add a uniquely Irish stamp to that organization. She says that this moment has now come, otherwise, “What is the point of being involved with that organization?”

Specifically, she asks, will he condemn the actions of the American government, in its “hounding of Edward Snowden, in the hounding of any country that might offer him asylum [which IS Snowden’s human right], will you confirm that he has applied for asylum from the Irish authorities and will you confirm that you unequivocally support that application and will give him refuge in this country?”

See his response and her fiery rebuttal.

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