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    Alexandra Bruce
    February 12, 2015

    This is Part 2 of a presentation and Q&A with Christopher Bollyn on his new book, “Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World,” recorded on September 14, 2014 at a San Diegans for 9/11 Truth monthly meeting.

    Part 1 can be found here: 59:43

    Part 2 can be found here: 56:45

    Part 3 can be found here: 39:57

    Christopher Bollyn is a journalist who was investigating the events of 9/11 when, along with physicist, Steven E. Jones, they discovered solid evidence of Thermite in the dust of the Twin Towers in August of 2006.

    This quickly got them both into trouble and Bollyn was forced, with his family to flee the US, after being brutally attacked and TASERed on his own property by three unidentified, heavily-armed men, who had been milling around his house for days in suburban Chicago.

    The attackers turned out to be undercover police officers and Bollyn was maliciously prosecuted and convicted with a Criminal Misdemeanor charge for attacking *them* – the exact opposite of what had actually happened.

    This conviction would have incurred a jail sentence but the judge, who himself was evidently pressured into handing down this bogus ruling allowed Bollyn three weeks before sentencing. This gave him time to gather his family and to flee the country.

    Bollyn had not returned to the US since 2007, before making the presentation filmed here, in September 2014. (Bollyn has a Bench Warrant for his arrest, in the State of Illinois but he is free to move about the US in all other 49 States).

    Despite his seminal role in discovering Thermite in the 9/11 dust, the focus of his investigations has not been on the “hows” of the buildings’ collapses or the “hows” of the planes’ hijackings, as in Rebekah Roth’s newly-released hit book, ‘Methodical Illusion.’

    Bollyn’s 2-part book, ‘Solving 9/11: the Deception that Changed the World’ focuses on the “whos” of 9/11.

    That the State of Israel figures heavily in what he uncovered have led to the predictable charges of “anti-Semitism”, which are ridiculous on their face, especially when one knows that Bollyn chose to live and work on a kibbutz in Israel after graduating from High School and that he avowedly loves the Israeli people.

    His condemnations are aimed toward a criminal faction within the US Government – and toward the extremist, Right-Wing Likud
    Party of Israel – NOT at the Israeli people or at “Jews,” in any way, shape or form (the conflation of these often disparate groups being an unfortunate one, made by many Jews and Gentiles, alike).

    Bollyn’s 2-part book is available at and it can also be read, free of charge, online from this link:

    Book 1:

    Book 2:

    Bollyn writes, in the preface of his book, “A modern republic like the United States cannot continue for very long as a free nation with a government and media that lie to the people about the murder of thousands of its citizens and illegal wars supposedly waged on their behalf. This is clearly a state in the process of a revolutionary change. The American people will not tolerate a police state using such outrageous lies to rob them of their money and freedom.”

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