July 2, 2015
Alexandra Bruce

This is an excellent Australian report about a conversations that is being had rigorously, throughout Europe and starting in Australia, but which previous reports here have shown that any questioning about the safety standards of cell phones and WiFi devices, which have been released into market may have several deleterious health effects, especially upon children.

This is why WiFi has been banned from schools in France and in several other districts if Europe.

This is definitely a conversation that Americans should be having, with the rapid roll-out of SmartMeters, which are part of the SmartGrid and the “Internet of things.”

Not satisfied with collecting all of our phone, browsing and email data, the North American Governments are busily ramming through the construction of the Smart Grid, which can be monitored and whose accounts are billed through SmartMeters, which have been shown to emit extremely “dirty” electricity, which is definitely harmful to human health.

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