Flexible and Compliant Movement

The Bionic Handling Assistant is a light, free-moving “third hand” system. Thanks to its structural compliance, direct contact between humans and machines humans and machine is now no longer a danger.

Assistance System for Industry and Households

This means that the system can also be used wherever humans need non-hazardous support from machines, e.g. in medical technology, rehabilitation and as an aid for the handicapped, as well as in agriculture, private homes and educational institutes. In industrial environments, the Bionic Handling Assistant can be used as a handling system to support assembly processes.

Inspired by the Elephant’s Trunk

The structure and functioning of the Bionic Handling Assistant was inspired by the elephant’s trunk. Pneumatics and mechatronics serve as the basic technologies for harnessing these natural principles. The use of modern additive manufacturing technologies provides the special production prerequisites for the Bionic Handling Assistant.

Freedom of Movement and Adaptive Gripping

Eleven degrees of freedom open up a host of task-specific transport directions which, in contrast to conventional handling systems, are not restricted to linear axes. Sensors detect the paths and precisely adjust the system. The adaptive fingers grasp objects positively and non-positively and make the system a genuine assistant when it comes to sorting and moving sensitive objects or supporting assembly processes.

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