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Alexandra Bruce
February 16, 2014

Alex Jones calculates that the REAL body count in this spate of Bankster “suicides” and/or deaths is actually up to 20.

At least five top level bankers have “fallen” to their deaths from high-rises in just the last two weeks.

Are the worlds Stock Markets, Currency Exchanges and Interest Rates all rigged? According to CBNC’s Jim Cramer, the answer is “yes”.

This public statement would seem to discount rumors that these bankers were murdered to prevent their whistle-blowing about fraud in the Forex (currency exchange market).

Or was this an altruistic act, to prevent any further murders (?)

Trends Forecaster, Gerald Celente explains the potential root causes of this disturbing phenomenon, which he sees as proof that the financial markets are, indeed rigged.


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Alexandra Bruce

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