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Alexandra Bruce
May 31, 2014

During the 19th century, insane asylums were full of men who claimed to be Napoleon Bonaparte. I have no idea whether the case of Clark C. McClellend is a similar to that or not.

And I’m not sure how I missed this story before! This video was released in early 2012. In it, a man claiming to be Former Space Shuttle Fleet Spacecraft Operator, Clark McClelland, who worked at NASA from 1958 through 1992 makes an impassioned plea to YouTube users visit his website and to buy separate chapters of his book, ranging in price from $1.99 to $4.99 and other knick-knacks, because he needs the money.

He says his life was destroyed and he was forced to live on Social Security, after going public about witnessing an 8 to 9-foot tall “entity” in the Space Shuttle crew compartment.

He says he wouldn’t call it an “extraterrestrial” because he couldn’t prove it but he says that he knows another NASA Astronaut, who’s name he won’t disclose, in order to protect him or her from the similar personal destruction to that, which he has faced, who saw a similar being hunched over in the Shuttle, which was designed for Earthlings, 6-feet tall or under.

The Above Top Secret site has a post which claims that there are no records of McClelland’s alleged 34-year career at NASA -but we know from Area 51’s Bob Lazar, that when he saw his own birth certificate and Social Security number vanishing from public records, he ran to any and every radio and TV show who would interview him, so that he could establish his existence and identity and thereby make it more difficult for his impending disappearance not to go unnoticed – or at least, to not have it occur without a great deal of scrutiny.

UFO historian, Richard Dolan vouched for the veracity of McClelland’s claims in an interview he gave to Red Ice Radio and I don’t think he would make such a claim without vetting it properly – but personally, I can’t say, one way or the other if his claims are true. The low-resolution film photograph of a younger version of him, seemingly at the helm of the of an aircraft of some sort and wearing a flight suit of some kind bearing an insignia with which I’m not familiar has the look of being an old, un-retouched picture – but it is way out of the realm of my expertise to assess whether his uniform or his claims are bonafide. True or not, he definitely has a Pittsburgh accent and this man truly appears to be suffering, which is sad, regardless.

If you’re interested in this story, you can read about more about interesting incidents from his in the book chapters posted on his site:

Alexandra Bruce

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