Alexandra Bruce
August 16, 2011

Weeks after leaving MSNBC, news anchor Cenk Uygur is back to doing his independent news show, The Young Turks (TYT).

Uygur mentions being reprimanded by MSNBC for saying on air that the Japanese people should not believe their government, that areas outside of the evacuation zone are “safe.” He says the Japanese government has evacuated 80,000 people, already and simply cannot evacuate any more.

Likewise, he says the US could never evacuate the 17 million people living in the area around the aging Indian Point nuclear facility outside of New York City, so they just say that everything is fine.

In this segment, Uygur and his co-host, Ana Kasparian discuss a recent Rolling Stone Magazine article that describes worst case scenarios involving 31 aging nuclear plants in the US that are each on the verge of becoming the next Fukushima disaster, by operating years beyond what they were designed to do and working much harder – producing a much higher output than intended.

TYT discuss the greed of the plants’ operators (and the company shareholders), who won’t pay the 100s of millions of dollars required to repair these facilities and to get them up to code because their job is to show profits, regardless of the risks involved to tens of millions of Americans.

TYT note that building and operating standards are not properly enforced by the Nuclear Regulatory Committee because its members have been bribed by the nuclear energy companies and there is a revolving door of nuclear energy executives from the private sector who switch off between working in the government’s nuclear regulatory agencies – and vice versa.


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Aug 12, 2011

A Rolling Stone article by Jeff Goodell shares shocking facts about the dangerous state of many nuclear power plants and lack of oversight in America. Is a Fukushima type meltdown inevitable in the United Sates? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.

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