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Alexandra Bruce
April 18, 2014

The objects with which this Frenchman is creating these illusions are rings shaped like the number 8, the first, giving the illusion that one ring rotates around the other and the other being the illusion of the rings both flying and standing still.

There are no special effects in this video and he says there are many all over the world who practice this art.


Merci a vous tous .

Pour repondre a  vos questions:

Mes objets sont des “Eight Ring “, des anneaux en forme de 8 et de donner l’illusion qu’un anneau tourne autour de l’autre et que l’autre est l’illusion de voler et de rester immobile.

Il n’y a aucun d’effets speciaux sur cette video, nous sommes beaucoup dans le monde a pratiquer cet art.


(Sorry my website doesn’t accept accents, or I would place them correctly over the letters of his native French).

Alexandra Bruce

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