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Tyler Bass
Forbidden Knowledge TV
March 25, 2015

Church of Scientology detractors say the organization is a cult that abuses its apostates and new entrants. The church says that freeing the individual from flights of passion will liberate all of humanity. The church says its critics and their new documentary are cut from the same cloth as CIA media manipulation and Nazi genocide. Now the church has set up an entertaining YouTube channel where it fires back at critics – in some videos, for drinking, looking overweight, swearing and cheating on their spouses.

The church, which professes to be remarkable at spreading sanity, says a new HBO documentary, by using the term “prison camp,” paints them as Nazis. The church’s Freedom Media & Ethics initiative proceeds to compares church critics to Nazi propagandists. In their documentary, filmmakers Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright portray Scientology facilities as having experienced insect infestations. The Nazis compared Jews to nonhuman animals like rats and insects.

Through a high-tech reticle symbolizing a new level of scrutiny, we glimpse the filmmakers, followed by new footage the church has obtained of its own properties in Southern California. If ants were ever at the pristine facilities, the insects are somehow nowhere to be found in this Scientology exposé.

“A central laundry” does the staff’s washing, dry cleaning and even irons their bed linen. “A professional kitchen” accommodates hundreds at every meal.

The church criticizes one of its apostates for having modest means.

The dawn of the Internet changed everything for the Church of Scientology, which was science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard started in the 1950s. By original church design, those who pledge their lives to becoming essentially more stoic can gain official access to Hubbard’s esoteric writings. But the Internet, and long legal battles, finally made those formerly privileged writings public. After attaining a certain level of clarity, church members gain access to a document called Operating Thetan III, Scientologists learn how humans owe our origins to the stars and how an evil galactic warlord named Xenu brainwashed our earliest hominid ancestors with the beliefs of major world religions.

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