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APRIL 17, 2014

Abby Martin gives a heart-wrenching tribute to investigative journalist and former LAPD detective, Michael C. Ruppert, highlighting his career from exposing CIA drug trafficking to his groundbreaking research on ‘Peak Energy’ and how Bush and his cronies pulled off 9/11 for financial gain, in his seminal book, ‘Crossing the Rubicon.’

She reminds us of his sincere devotion to truth and justice, as he was her mentor – and she breaks down and cries during this broadcast.

She refers to the stunning VICE series, of which I played the first installment, a few days ago, as my tribute to him, as soon as I heard about his potentially suspicious death, which occurred within moments after his final radio broadcast of his shoe ‘The Lifeboat Hour’. However, Martin does point out that Ruppert was subject to extreme bouts of depression, which is not hard to understand, having come from a multi-generational CIA family and then to unexpectedly discover a CIA link to the cocaine trade in Los Angeles, while he was an LAPD Narcotics Detective in the late 1970s.

You may see the full six episodes at these pages. They are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING!!!!!







This CIA link with the illicit importation of cocaine into the US culminated in the horrific crack cocaine epidemic of the late 1980s into the late-’90s, which utterly seized the largely-Black Inner Cities across the United States’ urban areas.

Many people at the time were already pointing their fingers at the CIA – to the point that the then-Director of Central Intelligence, John Deutsch was put up to quash any such rumors in a in a “Town Hall” meeting held in a Compton, CA High School, where he was then publicly challenged on live, national daytime TV by the then-LAPD Narcotics Detective, Michael Ruppert, himself, of which there is a clip in this excellent broadcast by Abby Martin.

Ruppert was soon fired by the LAPD for this live TV exchange – as was Deutsch, from his post as the DCI.

I was directing 10 rap videos, per year, at the tie and knew the lowdown myself, as I relished every minute of this live broadcast, which would NEVER take place in the increasingly Fascistic environment that the the US has since become.

Ruppert was found dead on April 13 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

His death was confirmed by Napa County Sheriffs (because he was at that time staying in a trailer on his friend, Jack Martin’s, property in Calistoga, California). It was Jack who found Mike’s body resting in an outdoor meditation spot on the property.

Michael Ruppert left two handwritten notes, one of which was a very personal note to his girlfriend/life partner.

The second note was written to Jack Martin, the friend with which Michael was staying at the time of his death:


Am so sorry. It could not be helped.
I make a final offering of flesh for the children.
It is all I have left inside.
There is no more time.
I have tried to make it as easy as I could.
Rags [his pet dog] should go to Jessy Re & River.
You will be able to deposit my royalty checks.
And you have been an amazing friend & are a wonderful man.
I do this for the children. May it bring
love and light to the world.
Please make sure that Jessy Re gets
her letter. I love her more than
I can say.
Please return my body to mother.”

Both notes were handwritten and his friends have assured investigators that the writing is undeniably that of Michael.

Michael Ruppert had recently made a will on March 4 of this year.

Ruppert’s friends encourage that this information be shared, as there seems to be a media black-out on this story and the minute information that has made press has lacked any details, such as these.

Further research into the meaning of his words, of “offering his flesh for the children,” refer to Lakota Native American concepts, in which Ruppert had come to be instilled.

Charlton Wilson Cht Ccht, a psychotherapist, who follows Native Lakota ways and who was a friend of Rupperts and posted his understanding of Ruppert’s suicide, on this page of the site:

“…giving his life was a gift. in the Native tradition of “give – away” or “flesh offering” i KNOW this is hard for westerners to grasp…

“know that this is not a typical give away. Natives don’t generally condone suicide, traditionally. and i do not condone suicide…

“nevertheless: GIVE AWAY or FLESH OFFERING.

“Mike had found his way to Native – specifically Lakota – ways. (mostly).

“his final words that we have speak over and over of “…for the children…” there is nothing more Native than being concerned with how we are leaving things for the 7 generations to come…

“Mike took his own life. Mike was NOT nuts or crazy or massively depressed.

“he was carrying a load for 7.2 billion and people like you [and you] expected him to just carry it. actually, i did too-with out realizing it. and i expected him to be here a good long time yet. i WAS going to see him this summer. well, now the pack leader is not here. IN FACT: he has directly said: PUT THE WOMEN IN CHARGE. PUT THE WOMEN IN CHARGE. we need to listen…

“…part of my paradigm shift is to help folks like you (and all of us) to let go of how he gave this final message and concentrate on the message, part is to address the epidemic of western mental sickness, a massive malady, part is to empower all of us to stick to Mike’s burden that he carried and more. i take this upon my shoulders because i loved this man…”

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