Alexandra Bruce
March 1, 2013

Baby zebra fish are being GMO’ed at Harvard to have their neurons glow green when they fire. This is called “calcium imaging” in the business – but it isn’t enough to get good data, so they had to find a way to immobilize these poor little 4mm buggers.

The study of a baby fish’s brain circuitry is a great mini-model of the human brain,
natch – or else, why bother?

This clip has fantastic micro-photography but it’s a bit scary at the same time…one can’t help but to identify with the little guy.


January 21, 2013

A growing number of neuroscientists are using baby zebrafish (Danio rerio) to probe the workings of brain circuits. Here researchers send the fish into an ‘aquatic matrix’ to find out how their 300,000 neurons encode swimming behaviors.

Read the full Nature feature here:

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