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Get ready for the most significant breakthrough in 9/11 research in recent years in Part 1 of this interview of Dr. Joseph Farrell by Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt. This discussion connects so many dots, confirmed by the work of others and which have been tracked on Forbidden Knowledge TV for going on six years. 

The two delve deeply into Farrell’s newly-released book, ‘Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery’, which covers the role of an international Fascist syndicate in the events of 9/11. Farrell asserts that this group is in possession of advanced Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) that were used to collapse the World Trade Center Towers.

Farrell outlines 9/11 as a three-level operation comprised of 1). The infamous “19 hijackers”, who were used as patsies by elements inside the 2). National Security State (the group that is commonly the focus of non-mainstream 9/11 research) and 3). A coalition of forces, which developed after the defeat of Germany in World War II, which is a powerful but clandestine remnant of the eugenicist Nazi Party. This group is global and not relegated solely to Germany, by any means.

After WWII, this group continued to work behind the scenes, involving themselves in secretive, criminal activities, from drug-running to the development of the The Bilderberg Group, to a secret system of finance, which laundered the proceeds from the sale of stolen Nazi assets. Today, it functions to processes the black market-derived income that funds their activities.

As is generally acknowledged in the Independent Media, this group infiltrated the intelligence agencies of the US, NASA and it has sympathizers in the Military Industrial Complex. This group played a major role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This network has developed exotic technologies, including DEW, which were first developed in secret tests of torsion physics, in projects during Germany’s Nazi regime. Their proprietary Directed Energy Weapons were brought into play during the attacks of 9/11 to bring down the towers.

This Level 3 group infiltrated the Level 2 Neocon plan of creating this major “new Pearl Harbor”, to pursue the aggressive policy of war in the Middle East, which we’ve seen over the past 15 years. The infiltration of Level 2 was accomplished using the PROMIS software, stolen from its original developers and used by the Reagan Administration to spy on other countries with its “back door” capabilities. This precursor to NSA’s “Thin Thread” and PRISM programs have been sold to countries around the globe. 

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra: Just let me say that I appreciate your kind response to my post and for not dismissing my postulation, out of hand. I rarely comment on most of the info I read and watch because that would be a full time job, on its own!
    I’m extremely grateful for what you do, but I’m one of those rare people, in the world: My hubby and I pay cash, only; our 2 vehicles are 17 & 18 years old; and we live on a pretty tight financial ‘leash’ and because of this ‘tight-fisted’ approach to budgeting (‘Do we/I really need this, today? Will I still “need” it, next week? Do I NEED this?’), 2008 didn’t hurt us. When I lost my job, 4 years ago (‘Women can’t sell big truck & trailer parts!’ After 9 years and new management. Nope: TN is an ‘At Will’ state!), we went from 50k to 35k/yr, but how many couples do YOU know, who live comfortably on 40k/yr? We know something else ugly is coming, but we’re thankful for the ‘karma gods’ that allow us to be together through everything! Everything else is bigger than us. As Richard Pryor said, ‘About all you can do is be mad!’ Cuz we can’t do anything to stop the out of control, crazy bastards running (and ruining) our planet! We’re awake and aware, at least, unlike the sheeple who actually BELIEVE the stuff on CNN, CBS, NBC, etc.! People won’t watch Nero fiddling, while the world burns, this time; they’ll worry about if they set up ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on their app to their Smart Phone, while texting a play by play to their bff!
    Go Lemmings, go!

  • To MJM: My posts do not necessarily equate with my endorsement of their content. I might agree with much of what I post but I occasionally post clips propounding ideas with which I violently disagree. Generating agreement with my posts among viewers is not the point of what I’m doing with this site. It’s about proposing ideas for us to use our own minds to consider these ideas for ourselves – exactly the way you’re doing here; wondering about the possible use of HAARP during the 9/11 attacks, etc. Having said all that, I think Farrell has brought a very interesting new possibility to the discussion of 9/11. Being familiar with certain details of Farrell’s work that I’m not at liberty to discuss, my guess is that for the reasons you raise, namely HAARP being under the control of Level 2 would rule out its involvement. He’s proposing a kind of DEW that’s outside of the aegis of Level 2 altogether. To RichardW: Farrell DOES agree that micro-nukes were used, as well. It does look like mushroom clouds blowing up inside the skyscrapers. IMHO, they threw everything at the WTC; nukes, demolition charges, thermite, etc., to confuse investigators. I lived 1/2 a block away at the time – but was thankfully, out of town and my roommates were already at work, away from Lower Manhattan, so it was a very personal event. As to MJM’s inability to subscribe to my service or to that of Dark Journalist, we understand. I can’t afford to publish, either. It’s a shame that bloggers like us were defunded by Google when they stopped monetizing content that was anti-war, starting in late 2014. I’m losing thousands of dollars per month doing this, then I lost all traffic from organic search when I moved the site to an Icelandic domain and onto this OpenCart platform. I’m doing my last push to make this a viable business again by migrating this database to a platform that is legible by Google and which will HOPEFULLY generate the 75% extra traffic & (free) subscribers that I used to get from search. Then I’ll be able to attract good independent advertisers or devise a buainess model that can capitalize on all the traffic that I will receive. These Amazon ads pay $15/mo., which is not cutting it. I don’t like asking for money. I’ve almost blown through my business loans, so I’m in a race with my web developer and my credits cards…

  • Just because I can’t afford to subscribe to support your efforts, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in what you’re doing. Neither does my subscription to your newsletter (and BrasschecksTV, and ForbiddenknowledgeTV, and ‘Tragedy and Hope’, etc.) mean that I buy into every theory postulated and posted, either! Having said that, I find Dr. Farrell’s deductions, using the available evidence and even some of the wildly opposing disinfo that’s been thrown out their to ‘muddy the waters’, to be most intriguing. The idea of the 3rd Level, that is NOT working WITH the sick bastards at Level 2, who planned and perpetrated 9/11 (and the OKC bombing and Britain’s 9/11, among their many other questionable activities), makes sense of a lot of the conflicting data that I’ve just had to put into ‘piles’ of stuff that seemed bizarro, but that I didn’t have access to the sources to tie together! I’m really looking forward to hearing part 2 and am going to try to purchase the book.
    Now, here’s my theory/question: When I first read about HAARP, (way back in 2002!) it was like the LIGHT went on for me and I could see how it could have been used as a Directed Energy Weapon, on 9/11. I further believe that it has been ‘tested’ at other times, in other ways, such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake & tsunami and especially the Japanese earthquake & tsunami, in 2011. I also wonder about TPTB testing it out and making these airplanes ‘disappear’. My question is: Has Dr. Farrell considered the possibility that HAARP could be the mechanism being employed as the DEW or would a space based weapon be more likely? I realize that HAARP would have to be being utilized under the aegis of our own U.S. ‘secret government’ (I wouldn’t put it past them), but ‘hiding in plain sight’ has worked quite well for TPTB, in the past, as well as currently.
    Anyway, it’s just a theory.
    Btw, fyi: I was awakened on the morning of 9/11, after working a 12 hour night shift job, driving a cab, by my oldest son calling to tell me that WE were under attack by terrorists. When I got him calmed down and got the main details, my first words to him were, “Sweetheart, it’s our own government that’s done this and they’ll soon be using it to take away even more of our rights and freedoms! Just watch and see.” He’s barely spoken civilly to me, since that time! But I watched the coverage of the OKC bombing, in REAL TIME and then watched, flabbergasted, as the government covered up the evidence of the other bombs in the building and the reports of detonations BEFORE the rider truck blew up! On 9/11, I KNEW we were seeing a replay of OKC, just on a much larger scale!
    Thanks for your time and good luck!

  • oh, and please accept this addendum: Farrell is absolutely correct that the Naxi international could be event-perps and the action certainly suited their purposes.. the same can be said for the additional perps… Israel, the neocons, the zios and financial interests in New York/ USA. the more you look at this event, the more you see the physical manifestation of evil in the world. And who is responsible….

  • Gordon Duff, senior editor for has presented substantial evidence that mini/micro nukes destroyed the buildings… Otherwise the story may be essentially equivalent to Joseph P. Farrell’s description… I have always been ambivalent regarding the theory about directed energy. I was a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth from the beginning. Although my degree is a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology and membership as a forensic neuropsychologist. My first degrees and MA work were in the philosophy of science.

    Regardless, it is important that knowledge of the -perfidy- caused by the ‘so-called elites’ be revealed to all the world. They did this shit… not Islamics, not Christians … at least not Eastern Orthodox Christians. Lood and see to which groups belong the self-styled ‘elites’ belong, who the Bankers are, etc…. and you will find the perps….

  • This was very great inside coverage about how the deep levels of how the old NaZis and Fasscist International Banking Cartel are all involed, with the 9/11 INSIDE JOB, Raphael Rayfinder

  • Well I suppose it had to be exposed, he did everything else so to find out that he planned 911 and the assassination Kennedy comes as no surprise. I have nothing but admiration for those wily old National Socialists. This group must be the famous “Boys From Brazil,” I suppose.

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