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    Alexandra Bruce
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    September 11, 2012

    So the criminal mainstream media likes to deride people interested in 9/11 as kooky, across the board. But when you examine the official conspiracy theory, does it really hold up?

    Think about the apathy in America, which has enabled the perpetration of this fraud . . .

    The plot holes are myriad: overpowering all those passengers with box cutters.

    A mastermind in a cave fortress able to carry out the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily defend airspace in the world.

    And where were the jet fighters to intercept these planes?

    “Religious fundamentalists” who liked to use cocaine? An incompetent pilot pulling off amazingly advanced aerial maneuvers?

    Trillions of dollars of Pentagon money stolen — and this was the distraction.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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