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Alexandra Bruce
August 12, 2014

On August 11, 2014 the YouTube publisher called “secureteam10” claims to have received an email sent through an anonymizing proxy server, from a spoofed email address, claiming to be from a current employee at the European Space Agency (ESA), which secureteam10 describes as a “Monumental find.” Per the description, the emailed attachments were undoctored, raw images recently taken by the Rosetta space craft of Comet 67P, revealing the true nature of the “space rock”.

Namely, that an outbuilding and a disk-shaped object appear on the unretouched version sent of this photo, differing from the images officially released. These are compared with one another, along with the alleged, decades-long, true back story that motivated this mission to capture images of this specific “space rock” out of so many others, out there.

The publishers of secureteam10 say, “Stay tuned for updates as soon as we get them!”

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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