On 60 Minutes this past Sunday, Las Vegas native and aerospace entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow was discussing the successful deployment of hiscompany’s BEAM module, which was launched to the International Space Station on April 8, 2016, during the 8th SpaceX cargo resupply mission.

Bigelow then proceeded to surprise his interviewer by being very blunt about his views that intelligent alien life not only exists but that it is “under our
noses.” Despite constant calls by the 60 Minutes host for him to express doubts or concerns over the negative reactions he may receive from others for holding these views, he said that the opinions of others wouldn’t affect the facts that he knows.

Bigelow has plans to spend up to US$500 million to develop the first commercial space station.

Bigelow Aerospace has launched two experimental space modules and has plans for full-scale manned space habitats to be used as orbital hotels, research labs and factories.

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  • I agree with Robert Bigelow and I, too, don’t care what others think. The truth is the truth and whether or not what I believe is true doesn’t change the truth. In fact I enjoy telling my friends and watching their reaction. So they think I’m nuts? I can tell it makes them a little nervous.

  • Interesting…BLOCKED by CBS. I’d heard his comment early but it would have been nice to re-listen.

  • Terrific! Great post, Alexa!! Bigelow is my kind of CEO – we need more guys like him. Iconoclastic…

  • Regarding to me, all living spiritual beings were at some time aliens. There was once an earth, without any life, as we know it today. So in fact any plant, any animal, any human being is an alien spirit, coming out of space and is known now as life, as we know it today. This is known matter.
    There is dark/alien matter, what means in fact alien matter based on a kind of duality/bipolarity.
    Inside spiritual beings as we know them, there is present this duality/bipolarity, which is seen in any crime and war, which base on splitting separating. These beings are intellectual.

    Intelligent spirits, or aliens are present with inteligence, where intelligence base on fusion, coming together in by and love. Here wars disappear.
    This intelliegence is present on earth and any intellectual human being can take inside this intelligence, where now dark/aliened intelligence comes inside the wellknomw matter.

    By intelligence this alien being evolves itself by coming on earth and healing himself.
    After healing this being finds his home again in space beyond the knowm matter, what also can be present on earth.
    It can be that such a being is right along us, maybe inside space between two persons, two human beings.

    Therer are f.e. voices, which are channelled. Seth is such a voice, using the material body of a being on earth. There are much mmore of such voices!!

  • he will be dead soon…heart attack or crazy suicide…..all from your terrorist corporations and government!


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