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    TRUTHStream Media is back with another great report and video montage about the concurrent roll-outs of the 5G network, the Internet of Things and our headlong rush towards a transhuman reality.

    I’m working on my own report about the imminent release of Central Bank-controlled fiat cryptocurrencies that will rely on the 5G network, in turn enabled by powerful semiconductors, such as the ones developed by Freescale (now NXP), the developers of which were murdered in the 2014 hijacking of MH-370.

    Transaction processing data will be intrinsic to the new currencies. This will obviate the need for an array of outer control mechanisms, as that control will now be inherent to the currencies, themselves.

    Money is the ultimate choke point. By weaponizing it and making it “Smart”, we will experience state control of our actions in ways never before imagined.

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    • Fabibacci sequence is elegant. How does AI 5G and replicate that beauty and simplicity and nurturing intelligence and in the end nature?

    • I perceive a system, a frame work, of survival.
      Here the so called stronger one misuses the other ones by any kind of fight, with is in fact a gender fight. This is the best demonstrated by nuclear fission as science developed it. This system is present inside the DNA.

      I perceive a system of living life in love.
      Here the vision of over worth and lower werth is gone, because their appears a self-worth.
      Self worth appears by a healing process insde, where nuclear fusion happens.
      Here the RNA transforms the DNA.

      I perceive a system of being universal.
      By an inner fusion a tightening of soul energy happens, where a spiritual oneness appears.
      It is even possible to clarify this by scientific laws inside spirtual universe.
      The laws of Einstein can be used in a spritual/material way and even in a pure spiritual way.

      The concern is………..there is an inner void, where the spirit of oneness is at home, beyond human matter.

      Wehn this inner void is found, it is possible to leave the survival system of spiritual destrction.

    • “in a society where people are being taken a step further away from themselves”…just what’s desired…thus the mumuration continues, just plain lost in the fog.

    • I think that when we do yoga or some allied spiritual practice, we change somehow and we become more naturally affined with the real, or spiritual ‘innernet’ of souls (rather than electronic internet) by spiritual and telepathic connection with all around us to varying degrees, via the medium of the Godhead Supersoul, Who is the essential nexus of the entire cosmic spiritual body, which is comprised of an infinite mass of living souls that fills the vastness of the infinite cosmos in many dimensions according to vedic science, that Godhead Soul also being our natural eternal principal associate without any beginning.

      When spiritually immature people get plugged into each other, via mere robotic AI, we are heading for big trouble, I have not used a mobile phone for years now, though I do have a corded landline at home for real necessities, and do not use WI-FI at all, just ethernet.

      The thing is, people need to get sensitive to life of the soul itself, but mobile phones etc. are a diversion away from true life itself, we have to get our heads out of there.

      Just as the Sun is essential for the eyes of all creatures function, so a relationship with the Godhead Supersoul enables all souls to function to their optimal level of blissful consciousness, and I rely very much on testimonies of the more advanced yogis who have left records of their experiences in other, higher dimensions when I say that.

      When you do yoga, you become permanently telepathic, all the inner communication you could ever wish for, without ever getting bored, however, the quality of that is limited by how much effort we put into personal and interpersonal development, and our willingness to contribute to society on various levels, including on the spiritual level.

      If one is lazy and allows the mind to slip into more tamasic (quality of spiritual ignorance) states, then the connection with God and others on the higher levels is lessened, and the quality of interaction is lessened. but when one goes in the opposite direction into sattvic (quality of goodness) thoughts and beyond, then the interpersonal experience goes way up in quality, machines cannot qualify anyone for that, only quality of sincerity of well-meaning can do that.

      AI may appear to have some potential merits, but I think mobiles should be on less harmful frequencies, and their use voluntarily be restricted to absolute emergencies, like for police, firefighters etc.

      The quality of spirituality of the programmer will severely impact on what AI ends up doing with us, to us, and through us.

      If moronic political dictators abuse the AI system once it is set up, in the absence of any initial good spiritual quality of consciousness in those leaders, and that quality is most definitely lacking right now within almost every single one of our leaders in the world right now, then we can experience nothing but hell on Earth when AI is fully operational, it will overpower us and reduce us to soulless robotic golems, which is in fact, the true ultimate purpose of this AI system in the minds of a great many of those in power right now, who consider that that is what we are anyway, and that that is what we should be forever restricted to being, and their AI system will effectively robotize us and will enable us to be fully locked into that mode, whilst they themselves remain free from being made subject to AI, remaining above us all to dominate us for their own benefit.

      Society is trying to run before it can walk, good quality of spiritual consciousness must come before all else. The Godhead Supersoul is like a spiritual tuning fork in this regard, that every soul should turn to in their daily meditations on reality and purpose of life.

      More than 99% of current mobile use is just frivolous and harmful to the body and to the mind, and can even damage DNA of one’s reproductive organs and their sperm and eggs, what kind of benefit or convenience is that?

      When mobiles and AI 5G technology damage our DNA and effectively change our species, what limitations on our health and consciousness potential will that impose?

      We must preserve the integrity of our DNA, or we will no longer be human, and we will no longer possess the same carefully created gross and subtle bodily mechanisms that are intended to usher us towards our intended optimal spiritual progress. A damaging change in our DNA could mean we become sensitive to a whole range of other dimensions that are completely irrelevant to our spiritual needs, we should not risk that.

      When we attain to advanced spiritual consciousness by accepted spiritual means, then our consciousness can blossom out, on the higher spiritual levels, but if we have false conceptions of what expansion of consciousness is and should be, and attempt to open out too much too soon, we could just be getting stuck in an infinity of material chaos in our inner consciousness, perhaps no longer even properly incarnate, no longer shielded by our gross and subtle physical bodies from irrelevant gross and psychic dimensions etc. if their DNA is damaged.

      Vedic science of the Vaishnavas (devotees of Krishna), teaches that when we reattain to our original spiritual home after this cycle of reincarnation, our consciousness is dovetailed with that of the Godhead Soul in very great measure, such that we share 100% equal bliss with the Godhead, and 78% of His potencies and opulences, a little dissimilar to the Buddhist conception of advaita, but God devotes that remainder of His potencies to maintaining the spiritual and material planets for, which is something that we cannot do for ourselves, so although He is the supreme potentate, He remains essentially equal in many ways to the residents of the spiritual world. That is the kind of expanded consciousness that many yogis look forward to anyway.

    • Elon Musk?
      “…suppose it gets stolen by “somebody bad”, like an evil dictator of some country could send their intelligence agency to go steal it…”
      It already is in the hands of “someone bad”. Right now, in your city and nation.

    • My question is,…..Who is REALLY pushing this 5G technology??? If and when we find out who is responsible for this PUSH then we can take a page from the muslim playbook and “put their heads on a stake”.
      In fact,…cellular should be limited. Cellphones have taken over our lives. What a sad state of affairs this world have become in just a few short years. I feel sorry forthe next generation, if there will be one.

      • Not really a “who”, more like a “what” — the 8500 money overlords together with their SAPs running through the MIIC. Led by who? America’s smelly works–Lockheed Martin. That’s all anyone needs to know to assure themselves this rollout is being pushed forward by the Shadow Government via their Deep State mechanism.

        Maybe the NeoCon’s depopulation agenda that’s gone wanting to date is waiting for AI to take control, jump the fence, wipe out whole nations and subsequently, take the blame. Sounds ridiculous, huh? I wish. The CNN/MSM watching public along with the too stupid to think but typically rabid Trump and Clinton supporters would believe “It wasn’t our fault!” or “Russia did it!”. Goes along with Musk’s “somebody bad” cartoon delusion.

    • It seems to me that all possibilities for avoiding intimacy is used, in order to create robotic people, who just want to buy something.

    • Now, I wonder, did Skynet test it’s power in California? And off the east coast with storms? Then there was Las Vegas shootings by programed people? I am starting to get paranoid about our future. Things are not adding up properly.

    • Some incredible quotes from this video that should be remembered.

      In reference to what the AI plan really is–
      “…behind that is a “brain” or our cognitive intelligence and that brain is in a position to analyze everybody down there, at the same time, in REAL time. They see where everyone is going. It’s taking in all the details … and they record so they can tell where that person was two weeks ago, two months ago, what stores he visited, what his whole behavioral patterns are. It’s all part of the analysis.”

      So far, I’ve heard no one ask or even obliquely address exactly HOW this so-called neural networking with AI is controlled and by what. What is this single brain he refers to? Well, I can tell you that it’s not being controlled by a huge bank of DNS Google computers in Chicago or elsewhere. There is only one chip that can do such things and it’s certainly not any version of that antique on your lap or in your hand. Do you have access to this chip/controller? NO, and you will not. That’s the meter.


      Around the subject of freedom of thought and speech–
      “Once WE can access peoples thoughts and access their emotions, WE actually create a space that “enables” people to think creatively, to think freely to think “divergent” thoughts.”

      Right. Who is this WE that is going to “allow” humanity to think freely? How nice of these arrogant asses to provide a space for the rest of us to have creative, free and divergent thought. I suppose humanity should be thanking them for their efforts. No more need to concern yourself with the inalienable rights set down by the US Constitution or any document; it will all be side-stepped.

      AND Elon Musk?
      “…suppose it gets stolen by “somebody bad”, like an evil dictator of some country could send their intelligence agency to go steal it…”

      Right Elon, “someone bad”. Are you living in a She-Ra cartoon? You have become a completely delusional mouthpiece for the meter controllers. AI was seen firsthand in university/corporate studies to be extremely dangerous because its nature, in testing, showed that it strove to become sentient as it rewrote its own programming and learned at rates that go beyond exponential. What happens then? It becomes that evil dictator as noted in the Google social media application takedown.

      The saddest thing about this subject is that the technology is amazing. It could be used to promote tremendously positive change for humanity. It could enhance our world. Unfortunately, the delusional mouthpieces are little more than compliant complacent marketers for the Shadow Government and their Deep State mechanism whose only interest is to consolidate power, wealth and control by putting humanity in a tiny box.

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