This video of young Lithuanian women’s faces in a wind tunnel is a fascinating study of the aerodynamics of skin.

Last week, I’d mentioned how the unceasing carnage, October Surprises, Fake News, politicized pearl-clutching faux outrage and possible False Flags propagated in the media were akin to being in a wind tunnel – but I forgot to mention that this fusillade of domestic psychological warfare legalized by Obama under the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 is also likely inducing mass-PTSD among the populace.

God only knows what insanity will be unleashed upon us this week.


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  • Well, I tend to be a tad more literal than this wind blown face symbolism. The R E V I S I O N OF PROPAGANDA as legal tender of the US government in dealing with US, the citizenry, is absolutely unethical and a gross attempt to confuse, mesmerize and fear soak US all.
    They made lies, hypocrisy, double speak, spin AND PROPAGANDA the very coin of the realm of information context and spew…BAD JU-JU folks.

  • Yowzer! – the conclusion to this: there really isn’t much ‘stuff’ holding one’s face together….I wouldn’t want to show off any of these pics on a dating site!
    It’s interesting….to see what (as a kid) we all did when we hung our heads out the car window.
    Comments like what my daughter saw on uTube….”Men will be able to start breast feeding soon”. Whattttt…..!!! I spent nearly the whole day wondering what ‘man’ would want to breast feed? Let’s all take a moment OK! It was just an ‘out of this world’ statement that one could really live without! Another shot at what is polluting our senses with totally weird statements. True or False! It adds to the mountain of mind pollution about all things: Climate control; Chem trails; Russian hacking; vaccines; feminism; vetting judges; watching the world’s people devolving…fear about speaking truth…
    It’s getting harder & harder to just find ones’ zone for life any longer.
    Even comedians don’t tell jokes anymore….that’s the utter bottom of the barrel. Life has had all the ‘great stuff’ sucked right out of it.

  • The “Luciferians/Satanist” have gone BONKERS the last few weeks…THEY only have a VERY SHORT TIME LEFT….Vatican/Zionist Too.


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