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3.5 Billion Could Be Injured or Killed by the Jab. Are You Ready?—Dr David Martin Interview

Dr David Martin joined Man in America’s Seth Holehouse to talk about the new documentary, ‘Died Suddenly’ and the foreseeable impacts of the Death Shot. He says:

“The fact that we’ve turned 3 billion people into a bioweapons factory…means we’re going to have mRNA and we have DNA modifications that are not only going to impact this generation but it will impact generations to come. There is no question about that, whatsoever.

“And everybody who wants to hide behind the CDC’s nonsense, that there’s no way that mRNA could write into DNA, you have to go back and look into the 10-year National Science Foundation grant that gave rise to the company that we now know as Moderna. Because the entire existential reason for that company was to get mRNA to write into DNA. That’s why they built the company.

“So anybody who wants to sit back and pretend like this is some sort of innocuous thing and it clears out and it doesn’t have any long effects is absolutely ludicrous and is denying – are you ready for this? – the scientific evidence. So, ‘Follow the science’ gets you to what I just said.

“Now, if we start with the number 3 billion and then we start looking at what were these problematic lots and batches, which is the way I’ve looked at this thing from the standpoint of how I look at the world. Because I look at the world is through the lens of risk management and risk transfer. Most people don’t know that my corporation is involved in risk management. We happen to do financial risk management but we are very intimately involved in the broader sector of what we think of as actuarial sciences that give rise to insurance.

“And so, what I’ve been doing is I’ve been looking at the number [3 billion] and then looking at the number of lots that were associated with extremely high adverse events.

“And you know, Seth, there’s been a lot of conversation about how there’s certain batches that had high degrees of problematic adverse events and certain batches, it seemed to have no effect, at all.

“If you look at the number of problematic batches, you’re talking about 7% to 15% – somewhere in that range of all the batches – are the ones that had extremely severe adverse events.

“So now, what we’re talking about is we’re talking on the best case – and I want you to hear the words I just said, on the best case – we’re talking about the best case – we’re talking about permanent death and disability to 300 million. That is the best case. That is the entire population of the United States distributed across the world. That is the number we’re talking about. And that’s the best case.

“Now, let’s put that into context. When we think about what this means – and Seth, I know you’re at an age, I’m at an age where we understand the challenges of aging parents and friends with aging parents and the amount of care that is required to deal with people who are suffering with longterm effects of stroke, of disability, of paralysis, of neurologic degenerative problems, of Alzheimer’s, of all sorts of neurologic disorders.

“What we know is this 300 million people takes out another 300 or more million people, because these are people that will not be able to be part of the contributing economy. They’re not going to be able to be doing the things that they have historically done because they will be in fact involved in the near 24/7 care of the individuals who are actually in that other 300 million.

“So, we talking about 600 million people incapacitated. And then, we look at things like the CMS mandate, which as you know, I litigated in Federal Court in Utah, making the argument that it was an illegal Federal Trade Commission violation to call these things vaccinations, because they aren’t, they’re gene therapies. That’s how they were characterized by the FDA and by the CDC prior to April 20 of 2020.

“The fact of the matter is, we are living in a world where we know that the caregivers, who are the ones trained to deal with this are among the ones most likely to suffer from the casualty effects.

“So now, we have another problem. I don’t know how often, Seth you’ve had the privilege of…cleaning somebody’s bed pan or helping somebody get to a toilet when they’re disabled. I can tell you, for all the people who are sitting there, going, ‘Well, somebody else is gonna have to do that.’ Well, the answer is, the somebody else is actually going to be you.

“And that’s where I’m talking about this challenge that I think many of us are going to have to come head-to-head with, which is ‘Are you capable of caring for somebody who yelled at you to put your mask on, who refused to let you come to a family reunion, because you didn’t take the kill shot. Are you willing to love the person who actually made your life, during the last 2 or 3 years a living Hell?

“And I’ll tell you, that’s gonna cause some deep, deep introspection and some really, really massive amounts of grace and mercy and I am not sure that most of us are prepared for what we’re gonna to have to face. So, best case scenario, Seth, we’re talking about the incapacitation of 600 million people. That’s the best case…The worst case is 3 billion-plus.

“Because remember, the 3 billion, where we have the mRNA floating around, as with this horrible idea called CRISPR, which is the gene-editing technology that was initiated during the pandemic so that nobody paid attention to even a worse problem being introduced into the world – for those of you that are not familiar – the palindromic repeat spicing of genes, which is where you take little segments of genes and cut them in or cut them out of the genome – the problem with CRISPR has always been the idea that editing the genome is something that we do and all we’re going to do is target the thing we’re going after.

“The problem – and this is a problem I’ve talked about since the very beginning – is that DNA does not exist in nature. DNA is a model of a destructive process of taking apart chromosomes. And chromosomes, which do exist in nature are wound-up versions of the molecules tat we describe as ‘DNA’.

“But here’s the problem: those molecules fold on each other and while biotech currently tells us that the only information that ever happens is contained in the chemistry of the strands, there’s an enormous amount of evidence that shows that chromosomes have an effect in their wound, coiled structure. So I might take out a snippet here or there of the DNA strand and I might be able to take out a little bit of a gene expression here or there but what I don’t know is in the living system what happens in the folds of the DNA in the chromosomes?

“I have no idea what happens there and the problem that that presents to simplify a model of the complex nature of human life, down to a two-dimensional model and then, started messing with the two-dimensional model, every single time this has happened in human history – and I mean every time, with no exception – we end up creating something far worse than the thing we were trying to solve.

“So my concern is we now have a world in which, according to the FDA’s most recent standards – we are now going to allow RNA technology injected into livestock, we are going to allow RNA technology to be introduced in other forms into the food supply and not unlike wha we’ve seen, with now over 50% of the population having a gastrointestinal problems because of our gene therapies in plants and crops, we’re talking about a world in which, through the combined effect of what we allowed to be introduced in this mRNA model during the COVID outbreak, we are actually talking about a population where, clearly, at this point in time, three quarters of the world’s population is going to be directly impacted by the mRNA-modified meats, foods and otherwise that we are actually going to have exposed to us.

“So, the likelihood that, over the next 3-to-5 years, you can safely go to a fast food restaurant – or any restaurant, for that matter in America – is near zero. Because, yes, you’ll be able to drive up to the Chick-Fil-A and its ten wide drive thru lanes will be all open but the chicken you’re eating ain’t gonna be chicken. It’s gonna be Frankenchicken and we have no idea what the implications of that are but all I know is that the Japanese, at the turn of the last century knew that by introducing Bacillus thuringiensis into food, they knew that it disrupted the GI systems of every person and for the last 25 years, we have had a wholesale adoption of Bacillus thuringiensis, BT in every single cereal grain, in every single grain we produce in America.

“So, your corn, your cotton, your wheat, your soybeans, every single one of those is actually what you thought was food but it’s the introduction of a known biological weapon that, in the early 1900s – I’m talking about 1903, 1902, 1904 – Japan realized was a biological weapon. That’s ubiquitous in our food supply.

“Seth, how many people have GI problems. How many people have irritable bowel syndrome? How many people have all kinds of problems with food allergies? And how many of those are directly resulting from a known introduction of a biological weapon by a company called Dupont, by a company called Monsanto, by a company called Bayer?…

“We’re talking, in this particular instance of something far more egregious than Bacillus thuringiensis…BT crops are dangerous. We know tat they’re dangerous. We’ve known they’re dangerous for a very long time. What we’re talking about with the introduction of mRNA into the actual protein that we take into our bodies is far more egregious than anything BT could have ever done.

“So where does that put us? That puts in a situation where 70%-80% of the world’s population is now going to be exposed to genetically-modified known pathogenicity. And that’s gonna be what we’re looking at in the next 5 years.”

David then gets into even scarier information about the impending collapse of Social Security and Medicare and how “Virtually all of the wealth of America is located in British-domiciled bank accounts, which means we do not have the ability to nationalize assets the way other countries…because they’re literally not here…So you can’t nationalize this country, which means the only way you can nationalize anything is to take property rights from people.”

So, in addition to seeing millions of people disabled by the vaxx, he also sees armed conflict in America’s future. But this isn’t just a Black Pill session. David talks about a new workshop that he is doing about getting all of our 12 senses online. We’ve been taught we have 5 senses but he says we have 12 and his workshop is about activating all 12, because, he says, “If we’re going to have a conversation about the future of humanity, we need to actually have a good picture of what humanity, unconstrained is. And that means getting people to be using all of their brain, all of their mind, all of their heart, all of their senses .”

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