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    Dave at the SGT Report interviews V, The Guerrilla Economist who gives us his timeline for the collapse of the US economy and the Western financial system.

    In 1988, the Rothschild-owned Economist magazine predicted that 2018 would mark the end of the US Dollar and the rise of a global currency. 

    As V notes, the dominoes of the dollar’s demise have been in the process of falling for decades, as the US’ manufacturing base was off-shored. “The magicians are out of parlor tricks.” 

    V does his best to deprogram people who are depressed about having bought silver and now see it at $13 per ounce. He maintains that its inherent value is at least ten times that amount and reminds us that the metal prices are not what change it’s the currency amount that changes – and we know that the dollar is artificially high at the moment, we know that a 17,000-18,000-point NYSE is pure BS and that we have to take the not-so-longer view on why we opted to protect ourselves, in the first place – for those of us who have opted to do so.

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    • I wonder if the currency collapse is the Nesara reset.
      It would be good if NZ joined the BRICS union ,Russia is a much more honest and safe bet than TPPA

    • Voting will never make a change until we can have ballots filled out by hand and counted locally in public with observers. European countries have done it and we can also.

    • Russia is a country that loves human rights? You should rethink that statement, V, while remembering a bit of Russian history. While I think Putin has become a wild card among the NWO and I’m certainly enjoying watching his responses to the West, caution is required. Putin is no white knight. The US government is corrupt to the bone, no doubt. But let’s not put another hero on a pedestal for the people to worship. In fact, the populace needs to STOP worshiping leaders and expecting them to “fix” everything. The populace should learn that worshiping ANYONE is not fixing the problems we face as a planet.

    • Like me, our many other friends might as well could be aware that Global Economy been making a nasty unleasant rattling noise since 2008 and already shaking artificially created Dominos might start crumbling any day soon. And exactly , in the manner expected the day of reckoning draws near. Since the Global Economy is interlinked. The Fall of Mighty Dollar Empire with it bring many more Corrupt Nation Governments down to thier knees ! It be interesting to see the level of Sanity Retention by several State Leaders, more particularly the poorer states . Let us Hope that the coming Chaos of Economic Turmoil would pass without spreading much Muck around.

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