Today marks the end of the 13th Baktun in the Classic Maya Long Count Calendar, a cycle of 5,125 years that delineates an age, similar to ages found in systems of astrology. In Western astrology, we speak of moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius but we haven’t been as accurate in keeping track of time as the amazingly precise Classic Maya, so we’re not sure whether this change already took place some 600 hundred years ago – or whether it won’t happen for another 600 years – which curiously averages out to “now”…

Maya Chief Elder, Don Alejandro, along with big players in the New Age movement, like Drunvalo Melchizedek and Little Grandmother are saying that very soon (maybe today!), there will be a “pole shift,” which they describe as a geomagnetic reversal combined with a massive Earth Crust Displacement event, which will be survivable by many if they just stay still and don’t panic.

Mainstream geology used to accept Charles Hapgood’s theory of a sudden, catastrophic Earth Crust Displacement, where the Earth’s crust, as a result of accumulating polar ice would periodically undergo a catastrophic separation from the aesthenosphere directly beneath it and re-connect at a different location, so that land masses would change their latitudes by 30 degrees in a powerful event that could take anywhere from one to 4 days. The flash-frozen mammoths of Siberia are frequently invoked as evidence for an Earth Crust Displacement event at the End of the last Ice Age and indeed, whatever caused this massive event has never been satisfactorily explained (to me, at least).

Since the 1960s, the accepted theories for the movement of Earth’s land masses changed to the non-catastrophic, gradualist theories of Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift and Supercontinent Cycles – neither of which have anything to do with geomagnetic reversal, whatsoever.

Unlike the very regular, 11-year cycle of our Sun’s magnetic shifts, on Earth, geomagnetic reversals occur irregularly and usually take several thousand years to complete. There is much evidence to indicate that we are currently undergoing a shift right now, as the planetary field weakens prior to the shift. Neither the Sun’s nor the Earth’s magnetic shifts are thought to be catastrophic or dangerous to human life by the scientists who study these phenomena.

It is challenging to wrap one’s minds around geological time because of its immense scale but it seems to me that there is a lot of misinformation going around and a conflation of the different kinds of “pole shifts” that exist.

Some proponents of an impending “pole shift” even say that the Earth’s axis will roll over and that the planet will begin rotating in a different direction. This belief is not accepted by science.

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