Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV
January 10, 2011

I’ve posted this clip because I think the producers have done a swell job of assembling good Computer Generated Images with some accurate facts about recent anomalous geomagnetic events, which have affected the Earth. These are presented in the first half of this clip.

In the second half, the program seizes on an interpretation of religious judgment, rather than continuing the scientific discussion of the astrophysical causes of these events, namely that the Solar System is currently traversing a Galactic Arm, as it crosses through the Galactic Equator, which it has been doing since 1998. This process should be completed by 2016.

It is our movement through this area of highly-charged particles that is weakening or “dampening down” the Earth’s Magnetosphere – as well as the Sun’s Heliosphere, as our Solar System makes its 25,765-year orbit around the Galactic Center.

Our Solar System’s careening headlong through all of this plasma may also be linked to the Earth’s increased volcanic and seismic activity; however, this view is not accepted by the scientific community.

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