Alexandra Bruce
July 8, 2013

To you and to all of my deeply appreciated subscribers and visitors, I admit that I’ve been pounding you with a lot of heavy-duty topics for the past couple of weeks – but lately, that’s just how the proverbial ball has been bouncing and how that cookie has been crumbling – at least from my point of view…

So I thought it might be uplifting, right about now, to check in to a message of that “New Time” religion.

Life is indeed, precious (just in case you forgot).


March 26, 2011


Dear viewers,

I had so much fun making this 🙂 I hope u enjoy watching it as much as I did creating it!

Music Tracks I used:

Here are all the songs, in the right order: “I can carry you” – ‘Blood Diamond’ Soundtrack; “Zoosters Breakout” – ‘Madagascar’ main theme; “Blood Diamond” – Solomon Vandy; “Giant Lip” – Ma’ Africa; “Unearthed-Nara” – ‘Cold Case’ theme; “The Gravel Road” – ‘The Village’ Soundtrack; “You Didn’t Even Get Wet” – ‘Blood Diamond’ – Solomon Vandy (again); “Dreamcatcher” – Seventh Heaven.

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