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In 1958, an episode of the Western-themed TV series, “Trackdown”, starring Robert Culp was aired.

A snake oil salesman named Trump arrives in the tiny Texas town of Talpa, warning about the “End of the World” at midnight unless he intervenes by “building a wall”…

This seems too weird to be predictive programming.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • This Trump character also has a bit of the Babylonian magician about him, which I foud interesting, in light of the Sabbatean-Frankist exposé the other day.

    • I, too, noted his dress. Thought about the Dutch banker Bernard and the evil, insane Satanic worship of the “8500”.

  • I’m still trying to comprehend how a wall protects against meteorites? Sound familiar? And, if you’re going to die after midnight the same day as the one-and-only savior rolls into town then you’re going to die. Head for the saloon! Enjoy.

    The clip is, however, weirdly prophetic. Trump rides into town, is accepted as a truther, declares he’ll SAVE the sheeple, fleeces them and rides out (likely toward D.C.). The sheeple are just as stupid when he rides out as when he rode in. The only other sheeple emotion plays out as misdirected violence. Again, sadly familiar. AND, it’s once more around the sun.

  • President’s like all global political leaders are puppets for their masters.

    Perhaps the team around Drumpf found the ideas of Trump and wall from the movie and rebranded Drumpf as Trump to shorten his name and make his name more English.

    The wall will never be completed as described by Trump as it would mean transferring enormous sums of government money towards the wall and closing down entire areas of government.

    Defense would never have money reduced to pay for the wall.

    • Neither Trump nor hid father were named Drumpf. Apparently, his grandfather changed the name, when he immigrated from Karllstadt. The largest ethnic group in the US is German (even larger than Irish) and many changed their names because of the world wars and the very negative attitude in the US towards Germans, back then.

      But this TV show is nutz!

  • Who do you think of that wants to change the tax laws, but won’t disclose his taxes to the public? Trump de Dump.

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