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From @libsoftiktok:

A 12-year-old in @MiddleboroughPS was allegedly sent home from school and told he’s making people feel unsafe for wearing a shirt that said “there are only 2 genders.” Watch him destroy the school board 🔥

“I have a right to wear a shirt with those five words, this right is the First Amendment!”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • If the scientific fact “There are only two Genders” makes anyone feel unsafe, I’m sure that any properly-Woke school has a “Safe Space” that they can go crawl into. That’s what they are for.
    When I was a Student, we called these “Safe Spaces” Bomb Shelters. Maybe schools should go back to teaching Science rather than teaching Sex.

  • Hi,
    I don’t want to Bust the Bubble of This Kid , I only want to share some very insightful thoughts / Information.
    Some say The Phrase: We The People – In The Constitution Does NOT Include the Public .
    We the people is a Phrase to describe the Owners of The Land of the United States.

    In upper left corner look at the click icon , Click on Evidence Room to Find a Pdf Format link article, 7 pages .
    Title: G R E A T B R I T I A N Owns the United States.
    (“The Whole World Lives Under :
    T U L M U D Law is what this link will Reveal. “)

    • He wore the shirt and stands by the facts. He is of free will to express himself. The language of law is for the crooked and the rules of the woke are quite laughable but continue to bring our society danger.

  • The absurdity that educators would get snared by yet another class warfare gimmick is astonishing to me.

    But then it really shouldn’t because teachers colleges have been mass producing creative “change agents” for over a half century which seems bothersome to only a few principled parents. The rest just go with the flow in whatever direction, including down the drain.

    Change agent MO is to advocate and support any social policy that might benefit a tiny fraction of society, for any reason for the sake of absolute total equality. It never seems to occur to these pin heads, that if public policy is reshaped to fit every exception there will be no effective social policy at all, just chaos.

    Back when all this mental dysfunctionality got rolling, I asked in public if I could marry my favorite potted plant. I don’t know what people thought, maybe that I was nuts perhaps because it silenced everyone. Years later the question of marrying one’s house pet surfaced.

    Language is composed of words, words now in a constant state of flux so you see the word marriage is applied to anything and everyone in addition to a union between a man and a woman. The US Supreme Court has shockingly sided with the change agencies! No greater eyeopener is needed for people who actually think outside the group think box!

    We have been free all along to sleep in the privacy of our homes with whomever and whatever so long as those who deviate from the norm don’t try to force their nut job ideas on others.

    We might well blame this all on the Russians, but their leader Vlad Putin told the world that Russia wants no part of the bizarre American vile view of sexuality that educators have promoted in the US and diplomats have promoted abroad.

    This particular deviance is especially onerous because it uses those few who naturally possess some degree of sexual confusion or another as pawns to divide and conquer the traditional natural family by growing an artificially created transgender minority kicking and screaming for this and that right to some social and financial benefit.

    Putin announced that Russia is a Christian nation and Russia rejects (the US by inference) attempts to change this. As a stranger in the land of my birth, I’m envious!

    We ought all be opposed to forced conversions, especially conversions forced upon children. Better it will be for those who do so in the judgment, that they have an anchor tied to their necks and thrown into the sea.

    • Was thinking…the words on the shirt were, 100% Human.

      This was prior to my knowledge of “five words”.

      Speaking of words – Sticks n stones, may break my bones. But wordz will NEVER hurt me!
      In the seventies; T-shirts worn in school included, but not limited to were:

      My other bike is up my nose

      I put out more than anybody

      The WHO

      Life aint easy, when you are fat n greasy

      Love train


      What do you call a cow with no legs, ground beef –

      With that, I’m offended not one person in the seventies had a clue, as to the double entandre of each of these slogans for kids to wear not only to school – But, everywhere!

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