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    A story from this spring is re-emerging, of why Argentina and Brazil never made a deal with Pfizer for the experimental jab.

    In Argentina, Pfizer requested that the government pay all compensation for any lawsuits that successfully win against Pfizer vaccine damages. Argentina’s parliament responded by passing a new law stating that Pfizer needs to at least pay for its own negligence.

    Pfizer rejected this, after which Argentina offered to amend the law to define “negligence” more clearly, to include only vaccine distribution and delivery under “negligence”.

    But Pfizer still wasn’t happy and demanded the law be changed. Argentina refused but later agreed to buy an international insurance policy to pay for future vaccine lawsuits. This was not specific enough for Pfizer. They asked for an additional indemnity from civil cases, specifically, that the company would not be liable for rare adverse effects or for its own acts of negligence, fraud or malice.

    Pfizer then demanded the nations’ bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings as some sort of future collateral against vaccine damages.

    On Brazil, Pfizer asked for vast money reserves to be put in a foreign bank account that Pfizer be exempt from the law of the land and exempt from any side effects and all civil liability.

    In the United States, the Public Readiness & Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) gives total immunity to Pfizer and all manufacturers of experimental jabs, so there’s no reason to threaten any government agency in the US. They always knew how dangerous and deadly the radical experimental mRNA jabs actually are. It’s what the science says.

    The only ones who say otherwise are the bureaucrats and the pop culture media agents working for Big Pharma.

    By every measure, this is the greatest crime committed by Big Pharma, out of a long list. Their magnum opus for the dark arts, death and depopulation and they were setting up governments to take the fall, so that the bankers can have their Great Reset without any resistance.

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    • Hell, give Pfizer $24 worth of beads and trinkets and $22,500,000 so that they can have Manhattan, the Louisiana Purchase territory, and Alaska while you’re at it. What a deal Pfizer makes. However, everyone these days hides behind a corporation or country. What particular person at Pfizer pushed for this deal? It’s like saying the US pushed for war with Iraq. No, the US is its people. The government hiding behind that moniker “US” is some bunch of untouchable people that went rogue long ago.

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