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With hundreds of news clips and declassified documents, this independent documentary film by Adam Green demonstrates the Mainstream Media’s propaganda campaign against conspiracy theories and the truth.

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  • […] In any context of assisting clear ideation, in regard to any capacity to foster critical thinking, in relation to establishing the basis for constructive dialog, about any aspect of the world–its wonders and woes, its controversies and travails–that matters to the lives and hopes and dreams of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, a required two hour viewing of an Adam Green documentary that Forbidden Knowledge TV is generous and intrepid enough to make available for folks to ponder, a beautifully produced, carefully researched, and seamlessly edited tour de force that establishes beyond credible doubt that the proliferation of “conspiracy theory” as a derisive insult, deployed in any case in which critics doubt the credibility and motives of ‘official’ and governmental and monopoly media explanations, is itself a carefully orchestrated plot that originated in a top-secret Central Intelligence Agency memorandum that developed the strategic and tactical parameters of using the terminology of ‘conspiracy theorists’ to discredit and marginalize dissent in the aftermath of growing doubts about the Warren Commission’s now wholly debunked theory that Lee Harvey Oswald planned and executed the assassination of John F. Kennedy all by his lonesome, an explanatory nexus that as much as any other sort of awareness and insight is central to people’s finding a way, first, to figure out how those in command have looted the treasury and plundered the Earth and murdered or otherwise moved out of the way anyone who stood up to them, and, second, to determine a vision and eventually a course for working together with other oppressed people to actuate something akin to an actual rule by the majority, democracy in common parlance. […]

  • The truth can still set us free, it may hurt for a while, but to see the truth is worth it, isn’t it? Programing is what you get from mainstream media, on the internet you can find more truth, not all link’s lead to the truth, so have an open mind, and think for yourself, evaluate what is being tossed at you. But, with our eyes open, and our minds as well, we might get a glimpse of the control system that is in place, to dumb us down, keep us controlled and in our place. LOL! Then we have elected officials, otherwise known as figureheads, that will do what they are told, even if it’s not what is right. This much is a given. I am rambling,… have a good day anyway.

  • I think they have realized that we, whom they call conspiracy theorist, are starting now to be heard and we are starting to get in their way. We are growing, and they are wanting to show us as a bunch of crazy people . If they have their way, they will start trying to lock us up because we know the truth and we are getting it out and people are listening. They are loosing their hold on the American public. They will go to extreme lengths to prevent us from getting the truth out there. People that do come out are a threat, and their lives are in danger. Don’t be afraid…THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. THEY ARE ALL ABOUT CONTROL. …DO NOT LET THEM WIN !!!!
    IF I GET MISSING OR DIE mysteriously, then guess what….

  • Fantastic script writing. Contrasting the screechy media, believer resistance and name calling with rote examples and hard reason. I was put off by the initial media opinion barrage of ridicule of ‘truthers’ but I hung and now see that the producers built an insightfully constructed puzzle, which like a puzzle takes time to become clear, and then DOES!

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