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This is a film about the US gun control debate, featuring experts representing both sides of the issue is hosted by former CNN White House correspondent, Dan Lothian.

TARGETED follows 22-year-old director, Jesse Winton as he travels the world, uncovering the history of gun control. It features interviews with Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Joe Wilson, Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich and panel discussions with Dennis Henigan, former Vice President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Debbie Hines, Legal Analyst and former Baltimore Prosecutor and David Keene, former President of the NRA.

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  • From Stalin to Mao to Hitler to Hillary, the megalomaniacs of the world wish to subjugate humans and the idiots who believe these monsters wish to trade liberty for equality. They also wish to trade a free market for government planning and wealth distribution. All disastrous concepts which start with the disarming of free people. “Of all the things which England did to India, disarming her was the blackest.” Gandhi

  • Wonder who funded this guy’s world wide escapade…? In most of history, ‘the lesser’s’ were not allowed swords for defense which had to be brought to bear by ‘the better’s’ and their knights of old and bold. Gun grabbers live in an alternate universe, falling for the ‘more laws’ manipulation like it is gold or chocolate…fools to the end.

  • Can you tell me where this movie is playing in either Salt Lake County or Utah County, Utah.? I cannot locate it if it is only playing today.

  • Hello Alexandra,
    I have enjoyed you site and all the info for some time and wish to give you my appreciation.
    To follow this gun control situation, as a Canadian, and along most of my fellow countrymen,
    we have a hard time understanding American’s love of guns. I understand it is in your Constitution and all, but it dates back to pioneering days doesn’t it??? Is it still necessary in
    this day and age.?? As far as I am concerned freedom has nothing to do with guns, and it is not won with guns, but with the population waking up. I have a sneeky feeling this debate has more to do with the gun lobbies getting richer and richer. What say you ???

    • Odette, do realize that the government, in it’s hell bent to win and stay in power mindset, cares not one shite about you, the gun lobby or anything to do with freedom…therein lays the motivation for gun confiscation…the US is touted as a bastion of freedoms of all sorts and freedoms of all sorts are what gets monitored and taken by the powers that should not be…do you think these times are amenable to diplomatic debate, calm expression of needs and abuses with any hope of fulfilling any of that? Not in America, and noting the political track of Canada, I’d say you should start paying greater attention to the details of what your extraction and financial industries are doing to your abilities to remain free and anonymous if you so choose.

    • Odette, it’s hard to explain the Second Amendment to people from countries that don’t readily allow you to own guns but I think one guy in the trailer explained it best: “The right to possess a firearm does not come from the Government. The Amendment is a restriction on government.”

      The US could do a better job with its gun laws. Learning gun safety should be part of the bargain of the right to own one and it probably makes sense to screen some people out of having this right.

      At this point, there are so many illegal guns lurking around in America that we practically have no choice but to also have legal ones – not that I particularly want one – but I do want that right.

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