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Do you enjoy a funny meme? Do you think parody is a good tool for expressing social and political critique? These things could be taken away.

Check out what’s happening in the EU.

The proposal for a new Copyright Directive includes an obligation for private companies to police the Internet by filtering all uploaded content and deleting it if when it is supposedly in breach of vague copyright rules.

What can you do?

Help us fight this #CensorshipMachine and #SaveTheMeme!

Watch and share this video that explains how our rights and freedoms are under attack under Article 13 of the Copyright proposal, and call your representatives in the European Parliament to appeal for a meaningful copyright reform!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Parody it’s the highest form of compliment. Maybe next we will not be allowed to clap at a good performance? Sick are the ones who seek such controls over others!

  • The pedo-gate Nazi war machine is everywhere. They desperately want to stop any talk of their criminal activities worldwide.

    • Even if it means starting World War Three they will do it to keep us distracted, away from all the personal grief they have inflicted on the people of Earth. Just take away a few more “freedoms” and I believe they will have a war on the home front. I could be wrong, people are such sheeple any more, they do what hey are told by the powers above. What a joke that is, they are suppose to be working for us, not the other way around.

      • The so called “We The People’ are an embarrassment to the Constitution. It’s legal to overthrow a corrupt government but yet there hasn’t been anything see so far on that front. The ones that signed that document did it in vain!

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