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This is a spoof political ad for the Democrat Party that is very funny but also pretty much a plain statement of items, many of which I, as a former lifelong Democrat once believed were facts. It’s by comedienne, Allie on YouTube’s new pay channel liberty/">CRTV, which produces regular shows with such wingnut luminaries as Steven Crowder, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Eric Bolling, Gavin McInnes and Phil Robertson.


Hi, I’m a spokesperson for the Democratic Party and I’m here to tell you why you need to vote Blue this November.

Democrats are the party of love and tolerance. We promote inclusion and acceptance peace and goodwill.

Republicans don’t care about any of these things. They just want to talk about record unemployment, the economy and keeping communities safe. Fascists!

Democrats have positive practical priorities, like abolishing the Electoral College, eliminating Due Process and banning Hate Speech. These are the values of the American people…well, at least Americans that live in San Francisco and in New York.

Republicans often use fear-mongering rhetoric, like “Constitution” or “Liberty”.

Democrats condemn such language as divisive and instead focus on more unifying topics, like repealing the Second Amendment or kneeling for the National Anthem.

Democrats are the party of equality, so much so, that we insist upon unconditionally believing women and disbelieving men. Because, well, feminism. If you ask us who explain this logically, we will scream in your face and call you misogynist.

Republicans want to take away a woman’s sacred right to choose to have her child decapitated inside the womb and torn apart, limb by limb with forceps.

Democrats celebrate the right to violently murder your child because we’re compassionate.

Democrats believe that women are powerful and independent. They are also helpless victims of the Patriarchy, who require government intervention to succeed. Any woman who disagrees with us on this is a self-hating stupid bimbo.

And you know, it’s time someone was finally brave enough to say this: “Republicans are racist.”

Democrats have the same positive message for minorities that we have for women: “You’re a victim and you’re useful to us. If you disagree, we’ll insult your intelligence – but it’s for your own good.”

Republicans want to stop certain people from coming into this country. They cite the infiltration of gang violence or opioids or sex trafficking as reasons to stop illegal immigration but Democrats accept these as the natural consequences of opening up the borders, which of course is the more loving thing to do.

Democrats recognize that the key to a better tomorrow is to look forward not backward, that’s why we reject Capitalism and all of its greed and instead, vote for Socialism, which has worked so well, every time it’s been tried.

Democrats are the party of the common people, the poor and the marginalized, the weak and defenseless.

While Republicans promise freedom, we promise free stuff. That’s how we win over young people.

Our goal is to make the government work for you so you don’t have to work at all.

The Republicans are always pushing religion in our faces. We reject their bigotry. Religious people are idiots. Democrats would much rather you sacrifice yourself on the altar of Progressivism.

The truth is, as the party of empathy, we’re just better than everyone else. That’s why we spend so much time telling people who don’t align with our agenda that they’re not just wrong but that they’re bad people.

We still haven’t figured out that this condescension is what lost us the 2016 Election. Nevertheless, we’re confident that through censorship, emotional manipulation and continued bullying, that we will eventually get our way.

Why? Because we care about you. So much so, that we’re willing to wear you down until you fear getting silenced, doxxed or fired, because you don’t agree with our agenda. That’s love.

I’m the spokesperson for the Democratic Party. Vote for us in November.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • PPS. Let’s not forget even more evil from Democrat, LBJ. He ramped up yet another very unecessary war in Viet Nam. Remember LBJ was president in 1967 when Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen. He did nothing except cover. Some researchers have asserted LBJ was a crypto Jew for documented reasons. According to the late researcher Jim Marrs, many of our presidents have been crypto Jews. And if you read the brilliant researcher Miles Mathis, you will come to understand that many of the people that hold power in our world, are all blood-related and part and parcel of the “peerage”. The researcher Joe Atwill asserts that we should have DNA testing done on every person that holds power. This will demonstrate how those in power are all blood related. They promote each other. And on top of that many of them are high-level Freemasons. The following article is from mainstream media.

  • As an outsider, I can only say that wreck and ruin at your doorstep has come home to roost. Americans never bothered with American foreign policy. This is how it feels to be torn apart physically and mentally only with the shirt on your back to make rich people richer. Enjoy, I am!

    However, I do hope America and Americans survive this and can become a responsible neutral superpower.

  • Loved this! I think even the Dems had to have had a laugh! Well done spoof! If you are triggered by this it is certainly understandable….but to start foaming at the mouth about the content, well time to step back and take a deep breath. Sarcasm is meant to be abrasive…it is sometimes the only method that can incapsulate what is being taken seriously by the world of politics. These points will be taken into the voting boxes of Election 2018! If you don’t like them ask yourself why….if you do like them….ask yourself why? The truth at times is like ‘jello’ hard to nail down.

  • It was Democrat Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA, a trade agreement that started sending US jobs to Mexico to benefit corporations. It was also Bill Clinton who signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This legislation effectively lifted the limit on how many local TV, newspaper and radio stations a single corporation could purchase and own. The Clinton Democrats also reneged on the former agreement with Russia, that after the nation released communism, that NATO would not surround Russia.

  • I thought it to be pretty funny, and that it calls pot and kettle black, both equally.
    I’m a New Zealander. We used to have a very well-balanced mildly “socialist” system.
    Then, in 1974, David Rockefeller Jnr. visited NZ to spend 3 days closeted in a hotel with our newly elected Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon. From that time until now, New Zealand (along with almost every other country) has been deep in debt to the criminal cratocrats.
    It annoys me, when people denigrate socialism.
    Of the two systems, law of the jungle, and socialism, which is more likely to be top-down, hierarchical and despotic?
    Which is more likely to have rich and poor both answering to the rule of law? That is, the same law for both?
    If socialism has failed, may it not be a coincidence that the entrenched and entitled (who have always got away with theft, lying and murder,)
    have poisoned it? Poison has always been the weapon of choice. Please try not to be poisoned.

    • The population of New Zealand is smaller than greater New York City. Socialism has worked better in low-population countries; especially homogenous ones, like New Zealand. You cannot possibly know how to speak for Americans.

  • PS. It was also a Democrat president who was responsible for destroying 2 cities in Japan, filled with civilians, after the Japanese had attempted to surrender. Harry Truman was a 33 degree Freemason and he is responsible for kick-starting the cold war with Russia, which created the massive expenditure on the military industrial complex. Harry Truman also started the CIA.

  • While I don’t really trust Trump, he is too tight with the Zionists, I trust the Dems even less. It was a Democrat who allowed the formation of the private bank known as the Federal Reserve. And it was that same Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, who took our nation into WW1, although he based his campaign on not going to war. It was a Democrat who took us into WW2, FDR, although the majority of Americans were against that war too. FDR had full knowledge of the plan to bomb Pearl Harbor. (The unfair trade practices that caused Japan to retaliate are suppressed). It was LBJ, a Democrat who signed the legislation which favored non-whites to immigrate into the US. And it was LBJ who declared the War on Poverty, and 22 trillion dollars later, the black family has been destroyed, as 72% of all black infants are now born to single females & often to siblings from different fathers. Welfare has steadily increased and become a way of life for many black females. Welfare was only given to single females, no fathers could be living in the home. It was also Democrat presidents who pushed the very racist affirmative action legislation which makes companies hire people based solely on their race and not their abilities or skills. It is also Democrat presidents who push for affirmative action in college admissions. Blacks are given an automatic 230 points on their SATs, Hispanics are given extra points, while Whites and Asians have points subtracted from their SAT scores. And it was Democratic president Obama who pushed the catch and release laws which has made the crime rate appear artificially lowered, whilst serving to embolden criminal behaviors. And finally it is the Democratic party which has defied the nation’s laws by creating “sanctuary cities”. We have U.S. citizens who are living in tents in California because they can’t pay the high rents or find a decent job, yet Democrats are championing “open borders”, which benefits the globalist goals of the NWO. As a lifelong Democrat, I will be voting a straight ticket for Republicans in November. I think there are a lot of others out there just like me. This was a very clever commercial and very truthful. Thanks!

  • This is not funny. I know many dems who are not as described and many reps that are not as described. Neither party has escaped deep corruption, both have been taken over completely. This is a person that is patting her own back and ignoring the problems her side represents, the dems do the same thing. Most people cannot really see how much their parties have changed and what they truly represent. They just go along because they have been taught the other side is worse.

    The main thing this vid does is promote divisiveness for which the deep state has deep pockets, finely tuned social engineering and decades-long plans to promote. The vid a fine example of all three, it seems benign but is not.

    In reality it is the ‘deep state’ and the ‘secret government’ they work for we are fighting against. We won’t have a better world by undermining, sneering and name-calling each other.

  • This would be funny if it used anti- neo-con and neo-lib language. As it is, it’s just more rep vs dem rhetoric. Entirely meaningless and useless and more of the same.

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