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Friday, Sep 7, 2012 0 comment(s)

September Clues

Produced by Simon Shack

Forbidden Knowledge TV | Sep 7, 2012 | Alexandra Bruce

According to Simon Shack

Television is - and has always been - a Weapon of Mass Distraction.

This film proposes that the 9/11 TV broadcasts were designed to 'sell' a fictitious terror attack to the world - by replacing the real-life events of the day (the WTC demolitions) with fake imagery. The official story was quite surreal - as were the TV images of the day and the preposterous tale of 19 kids roundly outfoxing the US Air Defense.

The filmmaker tells us that it is essential to judge with one's own eyes the broadcasts actually aired on network TV, along with the amateur videos released later and endlessly replayed on TV. He says they have all been extensively analyzed by scores of video analysts and that each and every video snippet of "amateur imagery" has been methodically dissected and compared - and empirically proved to be nothing else than computer-generated fabrications.


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