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Monday, Nov 8, 2010 0 comment(s)

RFID Chips: Nobody Can Have Just One

Verichip TV Advertisement

Forbidden Knowledge TV | Nov 8, 2010 | Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce
November 8, 2010

This ad for a health insurer rips at your heart strings, as people's various health conditions are revealed, yet stored safely by HealthLink's Veri-Med(TM) technology, "Because I'm in love with my grand-kids..." The Veri-Med(TM) subdermal chip was approved by the FDA in 2004 but an investigative journalist report in 2007 revealed that nearly identical implants had caused cancer in hundreds of laboratory animals, forming tumors in the tissue surrounding the chip. This adversely affected the company's stock price and its shareholders sued them for making misleading statements. They ceased production of the chips in the second quarter of 2010.

Known as "The Mark of the Beast" among Evangelical Christians and other concerned citizens, RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification tags) have multiple non-implant applications and there is healthy competition in this burgeoning market between IBM, Microsoft and others.


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