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People are insane. But you knew this.

Maybe you didn’t know that they were this insane.

I used to do things like this…but never quite as insane as this.

I love high heights.

But this is insane!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Yep, insane. The first one that falls to his death will not see his family sue the building owners. I suppose that’s an upside?

  • Once one falls it’s over. The ground is like a human fly swatter. Not getting back up from that. Doubt they can pull this off in space.

  • I only watched about five minuets, there is brave, and then there is stupid, if they fall, no loss, unless they hit someone. Hey, have they been programed by MK ULTRA?

  • Foolish youth putting their lives at risk for nothing of value. I’ve known some brave soldiers, but they were just trying to stay alive. These fools tempt death for nothing. I’ve been there and done that too, but never this extreme. Thank God I survived to marry, have a family to love and be loved. Had I realized what I was putting on the line for the fleeting moment of excitement when I was foolishly risking life, I would have never done what I did. I think I did it to get the admiration of sensible kids who had more sense than me to do what I would do. Some bargain that was! Big difference between being brave and being a fool.

    • I am in total agreement with you. When I think back to the damn stupid things I got up to when I was young; my blood chills and become almost nauseous! )
      Especially as I am now a husband, father and grandfather ( two gorgeous grandchildren )

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