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Since the first week of October, Jake Morphonios of the End Times News Report has been doggedly assembling more testimonies, images and video which together form a strong refutation of the official story about a single shooter in Las Vegas.

He refers to a witness, Chuck, who was staying at the Delano hotel and who was coming out of the elevator at 10:15 in the casino in the ground-level complex that connects the Mandalay Bay hotel to the Delano when a mass of people came running through the casino screaming, followed by a team of law enforcement officers who may have been SWAT. They were heavily-armed, according to Chuck and they were yelling at everyone to run because in their words there was an active shooter downstairs.

Chuck and several other witnesses he spoke to there believed that there was at least one shooter downstairs in or around the casino and that law enforcement was hunting this gunman.

Morphonios says Las Vegas Witnesses like René Downs, Gio Rios, Orora Monroe and Rocky Palermo deserve more respect than Sheriff Lombardo has shown them.

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  • At 10:30 on video, why when police are all crouched behind a police car, is there a plain-clothes gentleman walking out in the open right next to it??

  • Whoever ‘they’ are, ‘they’ have gone tooooo far. This is America. Mercenaries are banned from the streets merely due to public opinion. So we have those who are OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS doing the bidding of lies, open gun fire, cover-ups, misdirection, overt killing topped off with OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS remaining in silence now for over 7 weeks… W T F ??
    Public safety goes hand in hand with forewarned is forearmed, and ‘they’, especially OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS are deliberating undermining the safety of the citizenry…damn I despise LIARS!
    So where is Heller, Amodei, Sandoval, Cortez-Masto, Laxalt, Denis, Hardy, Gustavson, Titus, Sheryl AND ALL THE LAW AND ORDER DEMANDERS in this Battle Born state of Nevada??
    Oh!! I know, they went out into the desert for some serious sand breathing…sickening lack of responsibility by all.

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