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Friday, Mar 9, 2012 0 comment(s)

Joseph Kony and His Troops: Exclusive Interview

BBC: Sam Farmar

Forbidden Knowledge TV | Mar 9, 2012 | Alexandra Bruce

Uploaded by samfarmar  Over 32 million users of sites like YouTube and Facebook recently shared a documentary called 'Invisible Children' about the army of children kidnapped by African warlord, Joseph Kony.

This clip, however remains the first and only exclusive interview that Joseph Kony has ever given. It was shot in a secret location in the Congolese jungle in 2006 by BBC reporter, Sam Farmar.

Kony is the most wanted man in Africa and the leader of the 'Lords Resistance Army'. In his 25-year rebellion Joseph Kony has led a brutal insurgency in Northern Uganda and is accused of murdering 10,000 people and abducting 25,000, many of them children. He is wanted by the international criminal court on 33 charges including include murder, enslavement, sexual enslavement and rape.

It took nearly a year of negotiations for Kony to agree to this interview in which he claims the LRA have never been involved in any abductions, rapes or mutilations. That's just Museveni's propaganda." Kony denies suggestions God told him to fight but admits to being guided by "very many spirits."


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