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A few short days ago, I posted Ex-CIA officer, Robert David Steele’s comments about cians-being-blackmailed/">“The Accidental President”, Donald Trump and how the latter represented the peoples’ best option from the festering swamp of blackmailed and bribed politicians that is Washington, DC. Steele urged people around the world to recognize that our common enemy is the Deep State.

Now, in the wake of Trump’s unilateral Tomahawk Cruise missile bombing of a Syrian airbase – which has suddenly garnered unprecedented praise for Trump in the Mainstream Media, Steele is angry and disappointed – as are most de facto Trump supporters, who were never his hardcore fans as much as they were part of the “Never Hillary” camp.

Robert Steele calls Trump’s Syria bombing attack “Hillary in drag.”

This recent turn of events puts many things into question about what is going on in the Trump White House. Steele covers a head-spinning amount of scenarios and he also delves into the Grand Daddy of all False Flag operations, 9/11.

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  • I sit here and listen, and as refreshing as it is to hear something that sounds like it has some truth and some teeth, I still shake my head. Opinionated as all get out, as if this way of looking at things is the only way of looking at things.

    From a place of being one with life and nature, all of this is talking head stuff. Ivanka as president? I can’t see what that changes. She’s still elite. She’s not everyday person. It’s still theatre. Nothing about Ivanka that I’ve witnessed suggests that she understands herself as a living being in a living world. She will carry the conversation the same way every other monied turkey does.

    This is not a Sovereign analysis, this is matrix, and the matrix will no longer do.

  • I’m amazed @ the amount of revelations he openly makes in this interview.
    But I’m even more and utterly baffled by the fact that he is still alive and allowed to broadcast all this openly.
    Which raises my suspicions somewhat, you know, little alarm bells?
    Open source is a great idea but it works both ways: we collaborate and they know all about us.
    He’s definitely part of the System and that makes it difficult to trust his character. Having said that I’m sure that there are good guys everywhere who are dying to be able to come out openly and finally work together for the collective good.
    One other thing that bothers me greatly is that he talks about unconstitutional decisions and impeachment. If others are also aware of this (and I have to take it that some are) why oh why don’t t they act upon it? It seems like nobody cares too much about it.

  • Here’s another point of view, which I received in a feedback email from Don Case, publisher of

    “Everyone has their knickers in a knot over this and so few see the 3D chess going on. The response from Russia is tepid, Tillerson is off to Moscow, it shut up McCain (but not Haley, another pain in the ass) derailed Russiagate to the chagrin of Rachel Maddow, told the world chem attacks on children is not accepted, and displayed to the Chinese what fat boy Kim might see in a future of his making.

    “Not to mention killer photo ops, and getting some of the Dems on his side. For what?

    “A surgical attack on a remote facility that could no longer carry out precision strikes but was operational for tactical uses in a day. Everyone was warned, the Syrians say 7 were killed which means a night watchman and a couple of goats.

    “For two years Trump has been several moves ahead of the competition. He took a bad choice and made chicken salad out of chicken droppings.

    “It’s the next several weeks that will tell the tale; they are now closer to talks with Russia than they were last week.”

  • He had some good ideas. But I felt baited. Nevertheless, even if any of his information is accurate, what happens when Trump leaves office in 4-yrs? He’s unlikely to be a two term POTUS unless he continues to knuckle under and give the NeoCons what they want. Evanka is the answer? Doubt that. His assessment sounds like another round of excuses for the sitting POTUS to carry on with business as usual under the same master as always. How many times did the USA hear how Obama was “going to do…” this or that? How many times did we hear he needed to “bide his time” “set the stage”, etc. etc., etc.? His supporters chanted the same crap for the entire 8-yrs he was in office. Nothing happened but war, death and destruction under his command. The DRONE President is his legacy and apparently it continues under Trump.

    I did get a laugh from his assessment of Trump becoming Hillary in drag. Yikes! That’s an ugly image.

  • Do you realize that Military Aid to Israel is unconstitutional? Nor do most people as a virtual blackout xists ovr my book, Surprise. Miliitary Aid to israel Is Unconstitutional and the fals premise that the Constitution, First Amendment, cannot apply to foreign affairs (without any authority for that assertion)

  • lol…tRump “paranoid in a positive way”…Ivanka potential to be POTUS…”reincarnation of JFKjr…superb candidate in 2020 for POTUS…constant pro pinch face repub cheer leading…always hammers obomber and the left but not a peep on dumbya…broad blankets about America loving tRump and his daughter…
    Department of Redundancy Department Department here…90% truth 10% long term Vulcan mind meld control manipulation by and for his bosses of 30 years…who can possibly believe that once yer in the agency you can shrug, after 30 years, and turn into a total revealer of inside truths?
    Like the mafia, and probably even more so, it just ain’t so Guido, even when iced with a few ‘f’ bombs.
    Problem for me is that Mr. Steele is a victim of his longevity in running psychological ops on the entire world.

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