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In what could set a dangerous, unconstitutional precedent, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced this past Wednesday that he’s exploring ways to designate state and local voting systems as “pieces of critical infrastructure,” which would place them under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

Citing reported cyber attacks during some local elections held last week, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is exploring the legal feasibility that would enable them to “protect” elections from “foreign” hackers. Such a move would be in direct violation of US Law, whereby the states administer their own elections.

The creator of this clip suspects that these reported cyber attacks were false flags. Many in the Independent News community see this as a blatant step towards tyranny, with the selected Corporatist candidate, Hillary Clinton alleged to be losing heavily in all honest polls and in need of fraudulent backup to win the Presidency.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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