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Super Liberal former Democratic Congressman from Ohio and 2-time US Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich weighs in, here on the manner in which Michael Flynn came to be ousted from his post as National Security Advisor, less than 3 weeks after assuming office.

Kucinich describes the disruption and demonization of the new President and members of his Administration by the Mainstream Media and by representatives of the corrupt US Government establishment as “unprecedented”. That such a prominent hard line Democrat is saying so underscores the truth of his words.

Kucinich concedes that Flynn perjured himself by not admitting to the conversations he’d had with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s Ambassador to the US. They spoke about the crippling economic sanctions against Russia being enforced by the US upon its begrudging NATO allies.

These talks occurred last December, during the Transition Period between Presidential Administrations. To my mind, the sanctions were not an inappropriate topic of conversation for these two men to be having at that time. That Flynn felt compelled to hide this is what’s ridiculous. It’s an outgrowth of a Neo-McCarthyism that’s being propagated in the Mainstream Media, via that Deep State faction which wants a war with Russia.

More importantly to Kucinich, that this information was leaked to the Washington Post by one or more US Intelligence Community officials demonstrates how there is an active battle occurring within the Deep State of the US, with one faction seeking desperately to demoralize, impugn and impeach Donald Trump and members of his Administration.

Indeed, the only actual crime here was the leak of the audiotape by a US Intelligence employee to the Washington Post reporter.

Personally, I’m not sorry to see Flynn go, due to his warmongering rhetoric about Iran. Hopefully, that nonsensical policy will exit the Office of the US National Security Advisor, along with him.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hi from London,

    The point that Kucinich made about Obama’s last few weeks in office is especially important, viz Syria: this is not at all about party politics, but perhaps a conflict going on within the deep state that may even be beyond the purview of what we traditionally understand to be “the intelligence community”. I hope Trump himself is smart enough to see this. I’m not entirely sure how Putin is helping by having a so-called spy ship near the coast. Fun and games, but deadly serious.


  • Kucinich is a great guy – smart and even keeled. He should be on a “council of elders” who govern our planet. Time to put the nation-state to death, and rid the world of all these power perverts, greed-mongers, and criminally corrupt psychopaths.

  • Kucinich hauled some heavy cajones on set to do that little revelation.
    Another true hero in the frame of ALL the whistle blower patriots over the past decade…
    That paranoid compartmentalized fire ant hill of alphabets has to excised, disinfected, irradiated and detoxed from THE AMERICAN WAY…they are no longer patriots doing the work of democracy, but merely piggie, blind minions suckling the dark milk of power mongering, money mongering, fear mongering and perverted control of humanity, particularly in the industrialized whirled/America.

  • Kucinich completely nails it, while it seems the media heads want to try to play “obtuse.” Also of significance is the brief mention of the relationship of Flynn’s son to the Comet Pizza Affair. A preponderance of evidence suggests that what we’re witnessing is an ongoing “civil war” between factions within the Deep State having originated with the overt dismantling of the “fix” that would have installed Clinton.

    • Yes, I didn’t want to go off on a pizzagate tangent in my article but that was amazing, to see Hillary and her foul supporters, still railing about pizzagate and “fake news”. Methinks Milady doth protest too much!

      I think that Kucinich dodged the quicksand that is pizzagate in this interview because the topic deserves a segment of its own at the very least; it’s such a tarbaby for DC. For the sake of the children and for truth and justice, I do hope to see all of these sick “people” locked up, who are trying to subvert a representative government that isn’t blackmailed into compliance with their blood-thirsty, money-grubbing agenda.

  • I like Kucinich, but disagree Pizzagate having nothing to do with the problem we have with the Confusion Intelligence Agency. The child trafficking issue is a part thereof. Visit George Webb’s YT website and see how. Behind the new world order is the shadow government with a long history of undermining cultures and destabilizing nations, including our own nation for devious and hidden purposes. Does this sound like freedom to you? It sounds like tyranny to me. Obama was elected by somewhat dubious means and we suffered through 8 years of his unconstitutional dictates without rioting. Trump was elected under tighter scrutiny, the entire MSM and the left is screaming bloody murder and rioting while Obama’s left behind apparatchiks undermine and attack Trump! The Flynn brouhaha is smoke and mirrors compared to Clintons bold and treasonous offenses, for which MSM pardons and defends, is next to nothing. Kucinich is right – Americans better wake up!

    • So true, so true! If you listen to Kucinich’s words in a lawyerly way, he’s not technically denying pizzagate, he’s saying it’s not appropriate for “family television”.

      Hillary’s continued droning about “Fake News” shows that she is still very suspiciously overly-preoccupied with pizzagate. It would be a healing experience for all of us for her to receive justice – especially for the poor, disenfranchised African-Americans who got railroaded into 30-year sentences for dealing drugs in the for-profit prison system, which her husband helped to create – not just the private prisons but the cocaine networks, themselves.

      • Speaking of the Clintons and drug running is like talking milk and cookies; the proletariat-cum-prostitutes (pun intended) and the lascivious lesbian and their cadre of cloned cocaine cohorts – talk about White privilege!

        In time, we’ll understand that the Clinton cabal is like all the other power pervs – from that pederast George HW Bush, to the rat-bastard Rothschilds, or the billionaire boys club of Bows Town Buggerers, the TRUTH WILL OUT. And if you’ve been so MKUltra’d that you don’t even want to consider these realities, such as the Clinton’s complicity in the deaths of their friends and colleagues, from Vince Foster, to Seth Rich, then SHAME ON YOU for being so unconscious. You must live in California.

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