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Dark Journalist: Did Tom DeLonge and CIA Punk The NY Times?

A couple of weeks ago, Mainstream Media outlets, including the New York Times and the Washington Post published articles with a video about a UFO Close Encounter had by the crew of the supercarrier USS Nimitz. The articles also revealed the Pentagon’s secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, funded by then Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and headed up by Luis Elizondo, who resigned in protest last October over excessive secrecy and internal opposition.

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt says the Department of Defense is now claiming these reports are “confused” and that they did not release that UFO footage (!)

Liszt says there’s very real fight over the UFO issue in the corridors of power, which he will break down this New Year’s Day afternoon at 4:00 PM Eastern on his YouTube channel, which you can watch here:

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  • Sounds interesting but not surprising. Intelligence, counter-intelligence, counter-counter- intelligence, fall guy and so on. That's what the Deep State does.

    Too bad it's only being shown on YouTube. There are other sites to engage but DJ continues to use YouTube, exclusively. Why is that when so many are leaving this State vehicle? More so, the interview is not even available from his website. I subscribe. I like DJ's reporting but am getting quite annoyed with the continuing "YouTube is the only vehicle of delivery" approach to reporting.