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This is the second half of the most recent interview by Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt with former Assistant Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, a registered Republican for several decades. (To see the entire video, drag the progress bar at the bottom of the screen all the way to the left – after clicking the “Play” button).

After her stint within the US Government, Fitts subsequently worked as a contractor for HUD during the Clinton Administration, where she had regular dealings with Bill and Hillary. She describes the latter as having been very much the “Co-President”, while she observed the Clinton White House up close for years.

Following her initial rejection of Donald Trump and after lengthy and careful contemplation, Fitts now says, “We have a system which is has got a negative return on investment. It’s killing human productivity and where it’s going is inhuman – and anything you can do to stop that is good, so if throwing saltwater taffy into the gears of the machine will just stop it, that’s better than not.”

She continues, “I love America. I’ve risked my life, my fortune, everything…as a patriot for the country but something I care more about is having a human society, than I care about America being in control of the planet.”

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