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I’m laid low with allergies. I feel like I have mono or something. I can’t imagine how my parents each hung on for so long with extreme illness.

I can’t bear to run yet another downer story – so I’m running a downhill mountain bike story.

This is a helmet-cam GoPro POV of Dan Atherton’s race down an extremely steep, rocky mountain, with some 50-foot jumps. The craziest part of this piece is that Dan’s 3:47:66 time was second-to-last in this race, with the winner, Bernard Kerr beating him by 15.2 seconds!

You might want to watch this on an empty stomach.


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  • THAT WAS AWESOME! At my age, it hurts to think about doing that, so THANK YOU to Dan and his colleagues, and to GOPRO – what a great product, to be able to bring us this.

    I had a chopper in my day (before BMX, which I regret, but also am thankful for – a neck injury prevents any activity close to anything like this..), and we would get pretty radical, but nothing like this, where inches, if not millimeters, makes the difference between a good run and a fatality! These guys risk life & limb to do this difficult, but totally worthwhile sport, so THANKS AGAIN, DAN! I don’t care who won – going at these speeds and Not crashing, is winning in m y view.

  • I was having a very 💩 SHITTY day !!! This video is the pick me up I needed to mentally get out the mud 👏 thanks to everyone involved from the bike rider to the 📷 camera crews & everyone in FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE TV that had anything to do with this epic video reaching me 💪😃

    • All thanks are due to subscriber, Joe Doaks who sent this to me late yesterday afternoon, while I struggled to breathe and to find something worth sending to 60k people!

  • Woah, COOL!

    (Allergies are terrible this year. People who have never experienced them are complaining everywhere I go as well as spewing and coughing. It’s been pointed out to me that the desert is blooming like never before since the drought in CA broke sending pollen all over the SW US. However, NYC seems a long way for it to travel and have a notable effect. I think it’s the chemtrails, myself. They are running up to 30+ daily flights over us right now. It’s criminal.)

    • Yes, strange. I was here in Eastern Long Island during the spring of 2014 and nothing happened. I’d forgotten all about allergies after returning from 3 years Los Angeles, where every February, my throat would become painful and raw from the tulip trees (beautiful but evil) – a very different reaction, as well. I wasn’t allergic to anything in Florida except for the architecture.

      But yesterday, I was knocked on my back. Completely incapacitated and taken totally by surprise. I’m better today but still a little stuffy.

    • Elle,
      On coast of Maine, being bombarded every day, all day, & at night.
      Of course we can’t breathe.
      Someone please explain why most people do not see this, although I’m sure I can guess, it just never seems enough to justify the huge collective denial.

      Wow to Dan Atherton’s ride!!
      Listen to his breath…
      My son, 27, says “…so fucking cool”

      Thanks Alexandra.
      Sending $ asap.

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