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In Monday’s New York Times [Slimes] article, “Google Trains Ad Computers to Be Offended” by Daisuke Wakabayashi, it says:

“Google engineers, product managers and policy wonks are trying to train computers to grasp the nuances of what makes certain videos objectionable. Advertisers may tolerate use of a racial epithet in a hip hop video, for example, but may be horrified to see it used in a video from a racist skinhead group…the issue has gained urgency in recent weeks, as the Times of London and other outlets have written about brands that inadvertently fund extremists through automated advertising…”

YouTuber, Barry Soetoro isn’t buying the recent flight of advertisers from Google as a spontaneous eruption and he explains his line of reasoning as only “Barry Soetoro” can do. (Beware of extremely obnoxious photoshop).

Alexandra Bruce

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  • It may take a while but, truth will prevail. At least so I hope. Have you seen the video of General M. Flinn wanting immunity before he will testify for congress? If he does, the house of cards will fall.

  • I could not agree more. Especially with the comment about smart people repeating “stupid”. It’s so much worse than ignorance for which there is a cure. This Deep State move is the ol’ take-over-to gain-new-resources. Works for the military in stealing physical geography and the resources that lie within. In the internet scenario it’s applied to usurp truth territory and those resources. I agree with Barry–day late, dollar short. The changes were organic and will continue.


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