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Dr. Nick Delgado does a blood morphology analysis using a live blood sample from a patient sitting with him in his office, who has unresolved Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and who wishes to remain anonymous.

The slides reveal the platelets, basophils, lipids and candida that one would normally find.

However, when he taps the slide, this causes swarms of extremely small flagellate microbes, which are .04 microns in size – which are at the nano-scale – to start swarming at super high rates of speed and displaying movements which almost appear to be sentient. This is in contrast to the normal, probabilistic “Brownian Movement” of the blood cells and other microbes found in the sample.

It’s recommended that you use “Cinema Mode” on this website (aka “Full screen”) in order to properly see these very small objects and to fully appreciate this mysterious phenomenon.

These nano-flagellates swarm like schools of fish or flocks of migrating birds – and at times, like the complex murmuration of starlings before they roost.

Dr. Delgado only began observing these ultra-fast, tiny “tadpoles” in the past year and a half, in patients living in Northern and Southern California and in Florida. After 40 years of studying live blood samples just like this, he’d never previously seen any microbes exhibiting the behaviors that we see here in these “tadpoles”.

Next, he puts some saliva samples under the microscope and finds these same tiny flagellates swarming about but in lesser quantities. We also see the typical rod-form bacilli cells that one encounters in the mouth, as well as other microorganisms resembling worms, which he says burrow into the gums.

(If one ever needed motivation to brush, floss and use a water pic, this is it!)

Dr. Delgado will be having full pathology tests done, to see if these “tadpoles” can be identified – and he’ll also confer with his physician colleagues to come up with a plan of treatment to eliminate these from his patient’s system.

The results will be announced at his upcoming FREE webinar this Sunday, starting at 3PM Pacific Time.

To register for this FREE webinar, go to:

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