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Embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad released an interview yesterday, denying any involvement by his regime in the alleged “chemical attack”, which prompted Trump’s Tomahawk Cruise missile bombardment of a Syrian airbase earlier this week, earning the latter instant Brownie points from the criminal establishment members of the US Government and its toady Mainstream Media.

Citing well-reasoned arguments about the timing and the location of the alleged attack, which was neither opportune nor strategic, besides the fact that his government has no chemical arsenal and that there has been no independent investigation done to definitively prove what in fact did occur, Assad says he has no assurance that the alleged chemical attack happened, at all.

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  • So is ne to believe a consummate liar or a newly elected president whoes statements always challenged have later proven true!
    I personally cannot put much stock in the words of someone who has consistently lied in the past, and no evidence whatsoever as to the veracity of his remarks.
    I only hope others do not believe such accusations!

  • It must be the CIA, oops, I mean, the rebels. Expect more false flag attacks from government sponsored CIA, ISIS, Nazi’s. Witch will bring on the big war they want to send your children to.

  • In the news yesterday – “U.S.-led coalition accidentally bombs Syrian allies, killing 18” – OOPS! Darn, did it again! This just keeps happening. Must be the Russians who hacked our aircraft!

    Nice to see MSNBC reporting the truth for a change.

    • MSNBC honors the truth as much as Assad. Which is to say they both have no respect for the truth. [tax return fiasco ]


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