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Thursday, Apr 4, 2013 0 comment(s)

Ancient Anunnaki Cities in Africa!

Quartz Energy Devices?

Forbidden Knowledge TV | Apr 4, 2013 | Alexandra Bruce

Michael Tellinger, a South African producer and publisher has studied many ancient ruins in southwestern Africa.

He claims that these ruins are associated with a now-gone civilization that was founded by extraterrestrials, known as the Anunnaki. Tellinger has written and spoken at length about his theory, that these ETs came here hundreds of thousands of years ago to seek out precious metals and that these beings are the same as those described by the successful underground author, Soviet-born Zechariah Sitchin.

Sitchin wrote numerous books with his interpretations of ancient Sumerian iconography and cuneiform script. He made controversial claims about paleontology, namely that a group of extra-terrestrials came to Earth tens- or hundreds- of thousands of years ago and they were responsible for genetically engineering the human race. This was allegedly done by hybridizing the Earth's native Homo erectus with their own genetics and the purpose of this was to use these hybrids (Homo sapiens) as slaves to mine for gold for them.

The Anunnaki are said to have left our planet, back to their homeworld, called "Nibiru"; described by Sitchin as being a trans-Neptunian plantetoid within our Solar System with an extremely elliptical orbit. Nibiru is said to have a 3,600-year revolution around our Sun, and the cyclic interventions of this civilization on those of Earth can be traced to those periods of relatively close distance, during its apogees.


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