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And now, for the good news!

Meet FarmBot, the world’s first open-source CNC farming machine.

Pre-orders have been available as of this July at: and this crowd-funded project has already oversold its goal by almost double, so it’s happening!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Mulch and you won’t have a problem with weeds. Depending on climate, that is. Here in sunny Southern California leaf mulch never gets soggy enough to cause a problem such as might be the case in wet climates. But even in wet climates mulch can be used effectively with a bit of care not to let it be in contact with the trunk or stem of the plant.

  • I love the open source movement, but I don’t see this one really taking off. Sorry, it’s just unnecessary technology that would only drive up the price of food.

  • `Whoa…now, that is cool! Oddly enough, their HQ is in San Luis Obispo, town of my youth and 20 years after…left in ’95 as home prices were way out of reach, and I was in the low six figures at the time. Cool tool…also Cal Poly, ag school extraordinare is located there, along with some pretty good engineering education…their motto is something like ‘learn by doing’, practical appliction vis a vis lotsa classroom and lecture and homework etc.

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