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This is a countdown timeline of events, which make a strong case that all may not be well with Julian Assange:

30) May 11th, Michael Ratner, WikiLeaks’ chief counsel dies of cancer.

29) June 10th, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer in the IT department is killed by several gunshots in an alleged robbery, except that nothing was robbed (there are numerous suggestions that Rich was the source of WikiLeaks’ DNC leaks).

28) August 5th, Edward Snowden tweeted what appeared to be a 64-bit code “Deadman’s Switch”, which he and other whistleblowers have in place to warn associates that he’s in danger and potentially to have associates start releasing incriminating data about his enemies in the US Government.

27) August 10th, WikiLeaks offers a $20,000 reward for evidence about the murder of Seth Rich.

26) August 16th, WikiLeaks lawyer and human rights activist, John Jones throws himself in front of a commuter train, dying instantly.

25) October 7th, the first of dozens of batches of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager, John Podesta’s emails are released, doing grievous damage to the Clinton Campaign and the Washington establishment.

24) October 16th, John Kerry visits the UK, to personally persuade the Ecuadorian Embassy to stop Julian Assange from publishing any more documents.

23) The same day, WikiLeaks tweets what appeared to be a series of pre-release keys.

22) The Ecuadorian Embassy cuts off Julian Assange’s Internet connection.

21) October 18th, Pamela Anderson visits Assange at the Embassy, feeding him a vegan sandwich.

20) Within hours of the sandwich, witnesses report heavily-armed guards and police outside of the Embassy. People on the street are barred from approaching.

19) October 18th, Fox News reports that Julian Assange would be arrested within a matter of hours. Assange is never seen in person at his window again.

18) October 18th, WikiLeaks releases time stamps, changing them all to January 1, 1984, 1:01 AM.

17) Some believe that “1:01” is a reference to the George Orwell book, 1984, in which Room 101 was where the main character was taken to be brainwashed.

16) October 20th, all accounts associated with WikiLeaks have 21 new moderators added with previous moderators removed. All threads about Assange going missing are deleted.

15) October 20th and 21st, WikiLeaks makes tweets containing 5 misspelled words. The missing letters spell “HELP HIM”. WikiLeaks has never tweeted spelling error before.

14) October 22nd, a massive DDoS attack takes down large swathes of the Internet in the US, starting with the East Coast. WikiLeaks tweets, “Mr Assange is still alive publishing. We ask supporters to stop taking down the US Internet. You proved your point.” In effect, the tweet blamed his supporters for the US Internet outage. No evidence has ever been presented to support this.

13) October 21st, a London airport is evacuated due to an alleged chemical attack. Some people assume this was used as a cover to transport Assange out of the UK.

12) October 22nd, Gavin McFadyen, a longtime associate of Assange dies from a fast-acting lung cancer.

11) October 23rd, WikiLeaks tweets a poll on how to best show “Proof of Life” of Assange. The poll results shows most people would like to see a video.

10) October 24th, WikiLeaks tweets a video of Assange from filmmaker, Michael Moore. Only problem is – this interview had been recorded the previous June.

9) October 26th, 4Chan users successfully decode a message inside the WikiLeaks Bitcoin blockchain – the first stage in accessing Assange’s files and potential Deadman’s Switch, alleged to contain extremely damaging political information about the Clinton establishment.

8) Soon, the 4Chan forum is flooded with a mass of users, claiming that the block chain is fake, followed by several thousands of transactions in his Bitcoin wallet, suggestive of a state-sponsored attack.

7) November 7th, a hug DDoS attack crashes the WikiLeaks website, for the first time in years.

6) November 7th, numerous people notice that several of the Podesta emails are missing from recent leaks.

5) November 8th, Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Election. This is swiftly followed by the massive international push about the “Fake News” narrative. Many believe that the “Fake News” push is a diversion from the Podesta emails leaks and anything else forthcoming, which would be as  extremely damaging or even worse for the Clinton establishment.

4) November 12th, the Swedish prosecutor in Assange’s rape case visits the Ecuadorian Embassy for questioning but Assange is barred by his lawyers from meeting with the prosecutor face to face. Questions and answers are conducted via text using a 3rd part agent.

3) November 14th, WikiLeaks releases “Insurance Files SHA256” – however, these don’t match the files tweeted in October – the last time Assange was actually seen.

2) November 26th, WikiLeaks makes an annoyed tweet, asking followers to “Please stop asking us for ‘proof of life,'” in contrast to the tone of the previous post on the topic, requesting what kind of proof was preferred. Many researchers have a deep-seated perception that WikiLeaks has changed.

1) December 15th, Assange does an audio interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, hours before an alleged Deadman’s Switch was about to go off on a new site called, where a group of hackers claimed that they had broken the blockchain. They organized on a Facebook account, which is highly suspicious for people sophisticated enough to break a block chain – if indeed, they did that.

The conclusion of the creator of this clip is that there is no proof that Assange is in a good and well state of mind and it’s not likely that he is any longer in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The audio releases that have occurred since his last appearance could have been spoofed quite easily.

Most importantly, Assange’s coup de grace, his final damaging release about Hillary Clinton has never taken place.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you for this intelligence alert. Your suspicions are well-founded. The likely culprits have already made their criminal intentions fairly clear. Let us hope the new wave of ‘popular action’ like yours will expose them and get them arrested and arraigned.

  • I wonder now if he’s going to “commit suicide in the embassy” soon? I remember “suicide” being mentioned not long ago in connection with the possibility of his being taken from the embassy. Now it sounds like that was to throw out the possibility of him doing it to make it more plausible at future date. If Val’s right, they may have him on ice waiting for the right time to play it out. I won’t be at all surprised if that isn’t the way they do it. The younger half of the CIA evidently has become a nasty murdering gang for the DNC.

    • As for all this humbug, search ‘Craig Murray + Julian Assange’.
      As for ‘…The younger half of the CIA evidently has become a nasty murdering gang for the DNC…’, check out the origins of the CIA. It has ALWAYS been a murdering, drug and gun-running, Mafia-linked bunch of murderous thugs.

  • People need to look at the “Interviews” and the “Personalities” involved in these Easily Faked “Interviews”… Who are they really working for?? Why wasn’t his internet restored and video provided??

  • I think it is dreadful that this kind of thing still happens, this day and age.- There is sooooooo much we are not allowed to know, hear, watch ….We have allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked …
    Transparency is called for!
    Has JA’s family heard from him?
    Why is no one in the ‘higher ranks/authorities ‘ not doing anything about what has gone on and is going on????
    I’ll answer that ….. because they will be shot/killed/removed or their Families hurt. How can we change this?

  • Thanks AB for posting this piece.
    Unfortunately, there will be no proof of life forthcoming.
    Per my sources the body of JA has not carried a pulse in over a week, and I don’t anticipate a clone. Smoke and mirrors is a given.
    Though our love for the man was not enough to protect his body from harm, our love can keep his essence from further harm by creating a source field of protection.
    I realize the hacktivist community will not take this news lightly, but I would recommend there be no retaliatory action, until negotiations, which are beginning the first week of January have a chance to succeed at the highest ranks. These negotiations may prove to be the impetus of positive change, helping shed the yolk placed upon humanity for millennia. If they fail it will set the tone for the next millennia, which will give all plenty of opportunity for expressions of war!


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